WHAT’S NEXT: Digital Experience with Composable DXPs

Feb 11 2022

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Composable DXPs for Better Digital Experiences

Over the last few years, more and more brands have been consciously trying to redefine the digital experience for customers - a trend that has become faster by the recent disruptions. The biggest change that brands have made is - trying to create a consistent and personalized digital experience for customers. The demand for personalized digital experiences is higher than ever, and companies need to keep up with them. Personalization still remains one of the most important ingredients for delivering an impeccable experience, as consumers expect businesses to adapt to their unique needs quickly.

Brands are opting for Digital Experience Platforms (DXPs) instead of traditional page-based CMSs. Because the digital experience platforms offer more powerful tools that are essential for an ideal omnichannel experience and defined points of interaction.

If your brand uses CMS, you have the foundational software for a digital presence for user engagement. However, you must explore composable DXP like Sitecore to deliver personalized experiences that scale and connect – across channels, geographies, and languages. 

What Is Composable DXP & Why Businesses Are Going for it?

A composable digital experience platform (DXP) is the new generation of digital experience platforms that consists of the core technologies supporting all the management, delivery, composition, and optimization of contextualized digital experience. A DXP enables marketers to streamline the customer journey and experience by providing the right foundation to handle all in one hub.

But why DXP?

By 2023, 60% of the companies will look for composability in new application investments.

There is a wide array of reasons behind going for a composable DXP, but the most important ones are -

DXP supports ease of use. In general, composable tech architecture is scalable, quick to pivot, and scalable which means you can act quickly whenever you witness any change in the customers' requirements. You can also tailor DXP to your business and choose the particular apps that would help in bridging the gaps. With DXPs that are built on MACH architecture, you'll always have the choice of the best technology in the industry.

DXPs are created to support any kind of technology flexibility. This means it can easily merge with your existing marketing stack as they're built to be deployed quickly. With such composability, you can be more flexible, move swiftly, and have unmatched scalability. Additionally, you can build impeccable customer experiences that are totally aligned to the preferences of your customer base and scale up or down as required.

Currently, almost every element of a brand is digitized. DXP allows you to tap into the infinite potential of your business and utilize them to create a marvelous journey starting from discovery to post-sales and loyalty.

There is a wide array of reasons behind going for a composable DXP, but the most important ones are There are monolithic DXPs available, and they can be a good start as well. However, there is a limitation of a lock-in period by the vendor. Additionally, monolithic DXPs can be very complicated and needs you to have experienced team members with skill sets to create the experience you need for your service or product. To overcome these challenges there is composable DXP, which eliminates these obstacles and focuses on a centralized approach for the next-level results.

Why Should You Choose A Composable DXP?

According to Gartner, by 2023 60% of the companies will adopt a composable business as a strategic objective and will utilize it more often.

This clearly shows the growing interest in adopting the intelligent composable approach which is bound to outperform the competition. A composable DXP has many benefits to offer, most of them revolve around increased agility, flexibility, and efficiency.

Flexibility and More Business Control

When you get monolithic DXP solutions to manage your web presence, it generally comes with a vendor lock-in period. This means if you need a specific feature that your vendor doesn't have, you can't do anything to alter it.

For example, you want to add Apple Pay as a part of the check-out process on your website, but you can't introduce it at all because you can't switch to a different vendor who has it. This clearly shows the risk of losing potential or returning customers which can be frustrating.

One of the many benefits of DXP is that it gets rid of this issue totally by becoming the one-stop place for all the consumer touchpoints. It even enables you to implement various technologies to deliver an impeccable customer experience. Moreover, DXPs are created to execute with an organization's customer support, commerce, and marketing platforms along with other solutions.

Maximizing the flexibility of APIs, DXP can gather and synthesize all data for delivering the right experience and content at the right moment. This results in having better control for brands in the way they interact with consumers.

It's Customer-focused

A composable DXP will always enable you to be customer-obsessed. This means instead of forcing customers into a preexisting journey, you can deliver value for each user’s unique buying journey with a composable DXP that enables an omnichannel brand presence and the flexibility to adjust your strategies based on the insights.

Creating omnichannel experiences ensures consistent campaigns that support shopping on every channel of your brands, be it the website or social media channel, or any new channel.

Understand your audience by implementing analytics and reports from each channel you utilize to know how your customers are navigating your digital experiences so that you can embrace them.

Implement Faster Than Ever

Marketers depend on IT personnel for tech implementations of their plan and that could result in slow implementation or change in plans because of technological limitations.By the time you iron out the challenges, your competitors are already far ahead of you.

A composable DXP empowers marketers by minimizing IT dependencies to create a truly immersive digital experience, utilize content, test several variants, receive a detailed report, and personalize at scale with no need of learning new systems.

Choosing the Right DXP For Your Business

Deciding on a composable architecture won’t be easy for everyone. Implementing it is not a matter of just switching on to a different platform. However, the first step is to solidify your composable DXP requirements. Here's how -

Recognize Your Business Goals

Divide your business goals into more actionable aspects you want to be successful, instead of having only one goal. These categories can focus on brand awareness, gaining new or repeat customers, building customer loyalty, amplifying customer referrals, etc.

Pinpoint Your Marketing Channels and Formats That Will Get You There

Have questions like where do they spend most of their time and what do they exactly expect from a digital shopping experience? Take some time to reflect and introspect about your target market and which content formats best resonate with them & dash surveying your existing audience can provide you the data to learn how they make decisions.

Lay Out Your Dream Marketing Stack

Finally, get to know all about these important aspects -

  • What tools are you already utilizing that is helping you achieve the desired business results?

  • Which tools aren't a part of your tech stack yet, but you know you would need them eventually?

  • Which tools are essential in your ManTech stack but could be replaced by better ones?

This list will ease the process of narrowing down your composable DXP options while also ensuring you only get the best.

Explore the Game-changing Advantages of Sitecore DXP

Recently Sitecore has made a huge leap - from a headless CMS to the next-gen digital experience platform. But how does this benefit brands that use it? Here's are the features that the platform now has -

  • A comprehensive ecosystem for the complete management of digital experiences. This means brands don't have to integrate siloed solutions; all the elements are implemented into an extensive cloud that is working in sync. Leveraging the unified content repository, cohesive data management algorithms, a consistent delivery model, unified content repository, the ecosystem delivers a seamless experience throughout the customer journey.

  • Optimal content personalization for delivering an unimpeded customer experience. The competencies for personalization are boundless: the platform offers unmatched value by adapting content according to the user.

  • A single platform with offerings like exceptional flexibility, responsiveness, and harmony. Brands can utilize this one core platform to oversee their content, consisting of the content in different languages and targeted at multiple markets.

  • Sitecore's AI-enabled marketing automation does an excellent job at supercharging your personalization efforts. On top of that, it also helps brands immensely by fast-tracking time to reduce manual efforts significantly.

  • Handy community and 24/7 customer service for more productive project execution. There is a wealth of open-source options such as the Sitecore Community Forum which consists of over 22,000 developers and an array of other options as well.

Sitecore and Its Four Dynamic Technological Components

At the core of Sitecore's system there lies the perfect coherence of technologies that contribute to the powerful capabilities of this DXP. The unparalleled personalization and centralization stem from the different dynamic technologies mentioned below.

Let's have a quick overview of the powerful components and how it works -

AI and ML for Supercharging Your Personalization

Sitecore makes the most of AI and ML to handle data smartly. Later, Sitecore Cortex and Sitecore AI was being introduced to even further this process of smart decision-making. Both analyze huge chunks of customer data and create digital experiences to deliver each individual with relevant and tailored content. These functionalities enable brands to know their customers deeply and define their needs to provide the best value.

One-stop Centralized Content Hub to Manage Everything

In today's world, content rules the digital experience in just about every industry. Without the proper infrastructure to handle it, content can overwhelm any brand which is why content is one of the top priorities for Sitecore. To deal with all content-related operations, Sitecore Content Hub provides help for all tasks related to content lifecycles, such as creation, editing, personalization, and distribution.

Maximum Omnichannel Customer Reach with Headless CMS

With a surge in touchpoints, customers are becoming more elusive to approach. To enable brands in offering user-specific content via omnichannel, Sitecore Omni, i.e., a hybrid headless CMS is significantly helpful. For instance, a brand can create content once and that can be done for every channel, starting from mobile apps to virtual-reality technologies. The Sitecore JavaScript Services (JSS) empowers brands to create apps that can share content across all channels, such as websites, mobile devices, or IoT-connected devices.

A Development Framework to Keep Up with Business Essentials

Sitecore development time can get unpredictable as it relies on an array of factors. To help in decreasing the time, Sitecore provides the use of accelerators. The solution - Sitecore Experience Accelerator (SXA) and the accelerators enable brands to expedite and simplify projects. In general, accelerators consist of WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editing capability, templates and pre-built website components, and drag-and-drop functionality. All these features can save a lot of time and effort.

Deliver An Unmatched Experience in A Digital World

Today's modern customer is increasingly expecting a well-defined digital experience, a trend that certainly has propelled rapidly. Here, a unique DXP can become a powerful new source of competitive advantage. However, before it becomes the norm, it's essential that companies start getting comfortable with composable aspects by adopting the solutions offered by Sitecore. This is the first step to preparing for the ever-evolving composable future.

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