Don’t Miss Out: Sitecore’s Latest Feature Updates (May 2024)

Jun 10 2024
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    Ketan Sethi, Engagement Manager

    Ketan is a distinguished Martech and Sitecore thought leader. His expertise is not just acknowledged; it's celebrated. Sitecore has bestowed upon him the esteemed title of Sitecore MVP, solidifying his status as a true pioneer in the realms of marketing technology and Sitecore innovation. He holds over a decade of experience helping organizations across many industries drive growth through digital experiences.

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May 2024 Sitecore Updates by Icreon

Exciting news for Sitecore users! Icreon is thrilled to share the latest updates from Sitecore's May 2024 edition. This release introduces powerful features to streamline content creation, enhance personalization, and revolutionize form management. Apparently, these updates are more focused on streamlining your customer experiences. Read our quick guide to discover how you can exploit these new feature additions to transform your digital experiences and drive your business forward!

Feature Updates

Dive deep into Sitecore's May 2024 feature updates to unlock new possibilities for your customer experiences.

AI Assisted Content Type Creation

Prompt based content type creation allows users to create content structures that can reduce the time to create content types. Leveraging generative AI administrators can produce content structures and subsequently content models faster for immediate use.

Users can experiment with various prompts and brainstorm structures based on output that works best for the website.

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Sitecore Personalize Gets a New Makeover

The new interface to experiences and experiment lists within Personalize brings a refreshed at a glance view of all the experiences and experiments. Keeping track of experiments and comparing past completed experiences used to be a multi-step process.

This new interface highlights the important metrics from each experiment in the list view, thus making it easier for users to decide which ones to inspect.

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XM Cloud Forms – Live Form Updates

Live XM Cloud Forms can now be updated even in an active state. Changes made are available immediately to all live pages, thus ending the need to duplicate every time changes were required.

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Icreon's Sitecore Professional Services Accelerator by Icreon enhances brand visibility and competitiveness, leveraging features like personalized portals and ChatGPT integration.

Icreon’s Sitecore Manufacturing Accelerator by Icreon optimizes operations and sales processes with BOMs, Digital Twins, and augmented reality support, tailored for the manufacturing sector's unique needs.


As you explore the latest Sitecore updates unveiled in our May 2024 feature roundup, it's clear that these updates mark a pivotal moment in customer experience management heavily. From AI assisted content type creation to new interface to Sitecore personalization, the possibilities are endless. Reach out to our Sitecore experts today to unlock the full potential of these innovations and propel your digital transformation journey forward.

Stay tuned for even more exciting updates coming soon!