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We help Associations maximize member value by mapping member lifecycles, designing optimal digital experiences, and powering them with composable content, commerce, and cloud technology solutions.

Navigate the Digital Age of Associations

Where Member Engagement Meets Operational Efficiency

With over 24 years of industry experience, Icreon serves as a strategic partner for leading associations, navigating the complex terrain where Member Engagement intersects with Operational Efficiency. Together, we tackle these intertwined challenges head-on, paving the way for sustainable growth and success.

Our expertise lies in optimizing member value through a meticulous analysis of lifecycle dynamics. We architect bespoke, personalized digital experiences, fortified by agile content, commerce, and cloud technology solutions, to help you achieve your association's goals. With a keen focus on enhancing operational efficiency, we implement tailored strategies and cutting-edge technology solutions to streamline processes, reduce costs, and maximize resources, empowering associations to thrive in today's competitive landscape.


Digital Solutions

Associations + Membership Expertise 

Associations and membership expertise with cross-industry experience and insight.

Enterprise Architecture Strategy

Ensure interoperability between systems and improve overall organizational agility with a unified system. Our industry experts optimize operations, streamline/automate processes, and enhance customer experience by identifying opportunities for operational efficiency with a well thought out enterprise architecture strategy.

Loyalty and Strategy Design

Don't settle for less - revolutionize your approach to take your association's success to new heights. By leveraging data and analytics, associations can tailor their loyalty programs to deliver personalized and engaging experiences. Our robust loyalty program and strategy services can drive member engagement and advocacy, increasing revenue and profitability for the association.

Product and Service Design

Digital product design and development can help associations create engaging and effective digital experiences that drive member engagement and support the organization's goals. By leveraging cutting-edge technologies and design practices, associations can build intuitive, user-friendly digital products tailored to their members' unique needs. Based on our business analysis, we can help develop mobile applications, web portals, or other well-designed digital products that can enhance the member experience and help the association to achieve its mission with greater efficiency and impact.

Digital Transformation Strategy

By adopting a member-centric approach to digital transformation, your association can position itself for long-term success. Respond more quickly to changing market conditions with streamlined operations, improved member engagement, and unlocked new revenue streams. Partner with us for a well-planned digital transformation strategy to enhance brand reputation, expand reach, and gain a competitive edge in the industry.

Membership Management

An improved customer experience with a membership management portal can be a game-changer. Providing a personalized experience across all digital channels, associations can boost member engagement, loyalty, and retention. Leverage AI and machine learning to gain insights into member behavior and preferences to deliver relevant and timely communications and offerings. Let's co-create a CX strategy to stand out from the crowd.

Membership Commerce

Our digital commerce expertise empowers associations to build a smooth and convenient experience for their members when purchasing memberships, registering for events, or accessing resources. We help associations streamline dues and subscription processes and effectively monetize resources and events. This seamless experience not only enhances user satisfaction and engagement but also drives higher member retention and participation.


Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) 
Enabling Next-Gen Technology to Reduce Application Processing Time 

CSCS is the UK's leading certification program for construction skills. It maintains a comprehensive database of individuals working in the construction industry, providing proof of their qualifications and certifications according to the nature of their work. Learn how Icreon collaborated with CSCS to transition their operations from paper-based processes to efficient digital workflows. 

Read the full case study here


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