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Icreon helps real estate firms in streamlining their operations and enhancing their bottom line through resilient digital transformation services and digital customer experience solutions.

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“Digital tools and innovations help in strategic decision making in Real estate Sector.” - Deloitte

The real estate industry has been significantly impacted by digital intervention, transforming the way properties are bought, sold, rented, and managed. Property listings are now readily available online, accompanied by high-quality images, virtual tours, and detailed descriptions, empowering potential buyers and renters to explore properties from the comfort of their own homes. In fact, Forbes states that property listings with virtual tours get 87% more views than those without.


We help our clients in the real estate industry with strategic planning, custom web & software development, technology implementation, and change management to adapt to changing consumer behavior and create compelling digital experiences. Our expertise in understanding modern consumer needs and expectations enables our clients to streamline operations and provide amazing digital experiences that foster long-lasting customer relationships.

Cutting-Edge Real Estate Services

Streamlining Real Estate Processes with Digital Transformation

We partner with real estate companies to enable digital optimization using next-gen technologies to drive value from process improvements across the entire real estate value chain.

Enterprise Architecture Strategy

Align enterprise architecture strategy with business objectives and adapt to changing needs. Icreon helps you get the benefits of a unified ecosystem that accounts for a business’s applications, data, infrastructure & digital product investments according to the digital transformation journey map.

Digital Transformation Services

Get the right digital strategy in place. We build a detailed framework to understand the progress of your business’s journey, past, present, and future, and its underlying technology, infrastructure, and operational requirements. Then devise a north star for how digital will connect the dots.

Real Estate Ecommerce

Leaning into the accelerated consumer behaviors of digital commerce, we help e-real estate brands build the technologies and tools to capitalize on these always on revenue streams - from online stores to digital payment systems to integrated brick-and-mortar experiences.

Intelligent Process Automation

The realtors should maximize the benefits of intelligent process automation while overcoming data quality challenges in data entry, record keeping, property listing management, employee buy-in, and integrating with legacy systems. Icreon will work with you to develop a customized solution with combined power of AI & RPA to help companies automate such tasks for optimal performance.

Business Model Innovation

Today’s smart consumers demand smart business models. Improve your brand’s market position with our business model innovations. Icreon allows you to identify and validate growth opportunities quickly to identify and validate growth opportunities quickly. Contact us for growth model innovations for the industry, enterprise, revenue, or market segment innovations.

Salesforce Real Estate Solutions

Overcome the complex implementation process of Salesforce. Choose our salesforce real estate solutions for proper project management, lead management, reporting, and analytics. With our expert’s assistance, you can shorten the gap between generating and closing leads with potential buyers and sellers.

Trusted by industry leading brands

Creating a scalable design that leverages multiple platforms

Sitecompli is a leading corporate real-estate compliance, protecting over 70% of corporate real estate groups in New York. Sitecompli was looking for breakthrough technology that could help its users to fetch insightful reports and timely alerts to avoid monetary losses of compliance violations. Icreon offered them a one-stop shop for all compliance monitoring activities – dates, violations, and changes to regulations.

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