Accelerating Transformation by Joining the Forces ‘IT + Marketing’

Sep 21 2022

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Combined Prowess of IT and Marketing to Boost Digital Transformation

In a world of unprecedented disruption and consistent market shift, the need for digital transformation has become hard to escape. All these changes have left no option for companies than embracing the speed and agility to withstand market turbulence& drive personalization at scale.

Transformation objectives today revolve around the need to unlock new values, drive growth, and deliver new efficiencies. And to pick up the pace, companies can’t contend with inefficiency or lack of strategic alignment between IT and marketing. The gap that has long been a challenge to accelerate marketing-aligned business outcomes can be bridged with the joined forces of 'IT & Marketing’ and that’s what Sitecore Composability enables.

Explore this infographic to learn how companies can live up to the promise of transformations by bridging the gap between IT and marketing.

Unlocking Transformation Success by Connecting IT to Marketing Outcomes

Today many companies are undertaking large-scale efforts to bring about transformations to respond to dynamic market needs. According to McKinsey Global Survey, eight out of ten businesses stated that they have taken digital transformation initiatives in the past five years. The result? Only one-third of organizational transformations achieved success at improving a company’s productivity, performance, and efficiency.

The future of work in technology is undergoing a massive transformation. Evolving strategic business objectives, marketing trends, and disruptive technologies are driving a seismic shift in the way organizations operate. While technology and business goals are intertwined with each other, there is an increased demand of accelerating the pace of digital transformation. Yet years of research show that less than 30% of organizations succeed in achieving certain objectives. There is a huge gap restricting the acceleration of the transformation within their business ecosystem for developing, deploying, and using technology.

So, what are the Obstacles?

In times of pandemic where businesses are facing unprecedented challenges, keeping up the digital priority high is imperative. Today’s marketers are not just navigating the uncharted waters, they are trying to find bearings in the market that have been beset by changes happening at a fast rate.

But the transformation isn’t all about technology adoption, it is, in fact, to keep up the customer demands in the fast-changing digital environment with strategic and functional changes; it is about the alignment within the teams towards shared objectives.

Problems with the current state are most CIOs still deal with the traditional perception that IT as an order taker rather than a key contributor in driving business ahead. Moreover, whopping 97% of stakeholders believe lack of alignment between the marketing & IT teams restrain the digital growth.

The Solution: Accelerating IT at Market Speed

Now, digitization is providing a lifeline to businesses. Customers across the world are shifting to those brands that have the most-effective digital delivery capabilities. Therefore, companies that are on the path of transformation are being forced to redefine the relationship between Marketing and IT.

According to Harvard Business Review Analytic Services survey, 89% of business leaders believe that strategic alignment between IT and business teams could lead to improved decision making. With such strategic implementation, digital transformation initiatives can be aligned to business outcomes to achieve business agility, flexibility, and efficiency.

As per a KPMG survey, 80% of revenue growth is directly associated with digital offerings and operations. It simply implies that enhanced collaboration between marketing and IT would increase revenue and speed to market.

A New Digital Partnership – IT & Marketing – Enabled By ComposableDXP

The nature of composable DXP is agile, scalable, and flexible. The platform allows businesses to prioritize customer needs and create omni-channel experiences. A complete DXP solution can be easily integrated with existing marketing technology stack to move quickly to the changing business needs and support unparalleled scalability.

Sitecore is a powerful solution that provides end-to-end customer experience activation for marketers and composability for IT. Implementing Sitecore as a solution brings together content, personalization, commerce, and customer data.

According to the transformation disruptions set for 2022, organizations are focusing on building hyper-personalized customer experience in the future. That promising prediction requires digital marketers to focus on delivering personalized customer experience son demand using Sitecore headless techniques.

To prepare for what’s next on the IT front, there is a prediction from Gartner that says 60% of organizations will embrace composability in new application investments. That means creating efficiency and building composable architectures using custom microservices will get easier and pick up the pace in driving transformation.

How Sitecore can Help Accelerate the Digital Pace

Today’s marketing and IT leaders are focusing on building business websites that enable them to craft experiences that customers are expecting. Platforms like Sitecore Experience XP and Sitecore Order Cloud cater to the needs of all team members and align the goals of IT and marketing. Brands can streamline personalization metrics to pick up the pace in CX while the IT team will get options and speed with new development frameworks.

Here are some best of breed features of DXP that make marketing and IT relationship frictionless in a changing landscape.

AI for Personalization

Marketing professionals leverage AI to analyze customer behavior, learn about the user journey, and determine the best content to consistently optimize their experience. While IT teams rest assured the organization about the robustness of the system and support personalization at scale as required.

Composable Architecture

Its out-of-the-box features speed up the Sitecore implementation, which further boosts marketing efforts to respond to the changing customer demands and outpace the competition. On the IT front, teams can build a modernized tech stack using Cloud Native, API-first technology that decreases costs and increases efficiency.

Sitecore Experience Accelerator

The integration of Horizon with SXA speeds up building & editing of web pages. New landing page templates help web editors to move quickly. On the IT front, Sitecore SXA accelerates the deployment and maintenance of multiple sites.

Operational Agility

The platform provides top performance and speed, even during the peak times. IT teams leverage operational agility by investing in the tech stack suitable for the business and keeping up with the changing business requirements.

Are You Ready to Lead the Way with Sitecore?

Sitecore headless, API-first composable platform supports digitalization at scale. With Sitecore, marketers can build highly personalized experiences and get to market faster with the experiences customers are demanding. IT and technical teams appreciate the modularity of the composable architecture that brings in immense flexibility and scalability to development.

As you build your transformation journey, Sitecore is the most-effective platform to align marketing and IT teams to continuously evolve and scale further. Let’s join the force and build the future together.