Don’t Miss Out: Sitecore’s Latest Feature Updates (April 2024)

May 07 2024
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    Ketan Sethi, Engagement Manager

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April 2024 Sitecore Updates by Icreon

Sitecore's April 2024 update is here, and Icreon, your trusted Sitecore partner, is excited to share the news! This update focuses on empowering you to build better digital experiences faster. With features like low-code development tools, you can streamline content creation and accelerate project timelines. Additionally, generative AI content generation allows you to create high-quality content at scale, freeing up resources for other strategic initiatives. Read through our quick guide to discover how these innovations can transform your digital strategy and drive your business forward!

Feature Updates

Dive deep into Sitecore's April 2024 feature updates to unlock new possibilities for your digital experiences.

No-Code/Low Code Way of Creating New Experiences within XM Cloud

Now it is even easier and faster to create new experiences within XM Cloud Pages. Designers and administrators’ users can independently work on creating new experiences and page designs with less developer intervention:

  1. In Templates mode, use the WYSIWYG editor to create partial designs.
  2. and then use partial design to create page designs.
  3. Assign data template to the page design and publish.

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Low-code Styling Feature added to XM Cloud Forms

The much-awaited SaaSified version of Sitecore forms released early this year and has already begun enhancing. Styling a form is a need for every marketer, XM Cloud forms now provide a low-code capability to create stylized forms without much intervention from developers. This is a great way for editors and administrators to ensure that all the forms are on-brand.

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New Option to Add a File Upload Field to an XM Cloud Form

When creating forms, aim for a smooth experience. But sometimes, visitors need to upload files, which can complicate things. Sitecore XM Cloud forms now provide capability to add a file upload field while designing the form experience with an option to constraint and customize the field in following ways:

  • Specify file formats allowed for upload.
  • Specify max file size allowed for upload.
  • Specify max file count allowed for upload.
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Managing Data Templates within XM Cloud Pages

Until now, the data templates were primarily developer-owned and managed. However, administrators can now configure and manage information architecture within the XM Cloud Pages editor and perform basic crud operations. They also have visibility into how many pages a particular template is currently being used. This provides instant visibility to the business on the downstream impact of any change made at the template level. Along with this update, there are some fixes that are available as well on the data template level.

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Larger Media Item and Additional File Type Support in Content Hub ONE

Content assets are created in many different formats, and keeping a singular source of truth for them has been the central philosophy around Content Hub ONE, an Agile CMS that can power omnichannel experiences.

Keeping up with the volume and variety of content being created by businesses worldwide, the content team can now upload a variety of additional file types for up to 200MB and activate the content on various channels at scale.

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Gen AI Content Generation in Sitecore Content Hub ONE

Keeping up with the need to produce content rapidly and allowing for a faster and more efficient creation process, Sitecore Content Hub ONE now allows content creators, editors, and managers to produce high-quality content that aligns with a specified tone of voice and personalized messaging.

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As you explore the latest Sitecore updates unveiled in our April 2024 feature roundup, it's clear that these updates mark a pivotal moment in digital experience management. From low code/no code introduction in XM Cloud pages creation to creating fine-tuned messaging using gen AI integration in Content Hub ONE, the possibilities are endless. Reach out to our Sitecore experts today to unlock the full potential of these innovations and propel your digital transformation journey forward.

Stay tuned for even more exciting updates coming soon!