5 Best Data Visualization Tools Where Coding Isn’t Required

Aug 30 2022

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Top Data Visualization Tools of 2022

Creating beautiful and sophisticated data visualizations may not be easy, but a few tools are trying to make the process a bit less daunting. These tools are known for providing dynamic features to create complex graphs, charts, and other visual representations of data. While it may need a little coding knowledge, it is comparatively easy to modify or create your visualization for different purposes.

Here are 5 data visualization tools to manage and visualize data without any additional IT support –

Tableau (and Tableau Public)

Tableau is one of the widely known data visualization mockup tools available in the industry. What's most interesting thing about Tableau is that visualization is the foundation of all. The data science visualization tools in Tableau have brought a major shift in how businesses handle their data.

Even though Tableau offers solutions primarily for big data, corporations, and businesses, they also provide a free version, Tableau Public. It is a free platform where users can create data visualization by importing the data manually or from a spreadsheet.

What Are the Possibilities with Tableau?

Tableau brings a set of dynamic tools to equip you with data discovery, data visualization, and insight sharing at a deep level. You don't need a ton of knowledge on coding or technicalities to work on Tableau. Anyone can quickly master this tool just by knowing and learning its features to create beautiful dashboards and reports.

Some of the best features are - 

Tableau Dashboard - provides a simpler view of your data regarding text, visualization, visual objects, etc. Tableau dashboards are pretty informative as they showcase data in story format, adding multiple ideas, layouts, and things for better understanding. You can also copy the dashboard or any particular element from it quickly.

Live and In-memory Data - Tableau has connectivity to both the data sources or data extraction as inWhere Tableau Public is free, Tableau Desktop starts at $70 -memory data, which gives the user the flexibility to utilize data from multiple data sources without any hassle.

Advanced Visualizations (Chart Types) - One of the solid features of Tableau is its wide array of advanced visualizations such as - boxplots, tree maps, bullet charts, histograms, etc. You can easily choose and create any visualization under the Show Me tab.

Trend Lines and Predictive Analysis - Another critical feature of Tableau is the time series and forecasting that are extremely useful. Its dynamic backend and frontend make creating trend lines and forecasting easier.

How much does it cost?

Where Tableau Public is free, Tableau Desktop starts at $70 per user monthly (as on 8th August 2022). Tableau can be utilized as Tableau Online with a Tableau Server but can also be self-hosted on any separate or private server.

Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft Power BI is a popular data visualization mockup tool, enabling users to connect their data, prepare quickly, and model it as they desire. It provides all the functionalities to transform the data sets into an interactive visual while creating real-time business dashboards by extracting important business insights for better decision-making. 

This tool is excellent for embedding any custom visualizations into an application or website, connecting to multiple data sources like google analytics, IoT devices, excel, real-time data, etc.

What Are the Possibilities with Microsoft Power BI?

Power BI is one of the indispensable data visualization mockup tools for engaging with business data and enabling smarter data-driven decisions. With its data preparation and discovery, interactive dashboards, and rich visualizations, Power BI has become an intuitive tool to easily interact with data and find the right insights.

Some of the top features are -

Wide Range of Beautiful Visualizations - Power BI has a wide range of beautiful visualizations which can be used in creating reports and dashboards to represent your data set. With Power BI, one can develop visualizations like - maps, pie charts, scatter charts, donut maps, funnel charts, etc.

Flexible Tiles - In a Power BI dashboard, a tile means a single block consisting of a visualization. Tiles are essential because they differentiate each informative visualization correctly to give a clearer view. These are adjustable, and sizes can be altered as per the user's convenience.

DAX Data Analysis Function - Known as the Data Analysis Expressions in Power BI, this helps perform particular data functionalities. Currently, there are 200+ functions in the library of Power BI.

How Much Does It Cost?

A Power BI Pro license will cost $9.99 per user per month (as on 8th August 2022). So, if your company has 15 users, you will be paying $150/month.

Infogram is a diverse and powerful online data visualization tool that is also a part of Prezi. This visualization tool provides a wide range of options without any need to open a Prezi account to utilize all the features. Infogram's simple interface is excellent for people who are looking for a user-friendly tool where they can create beautiful data visualization easily.

What Are the Possibilities with Infogram?

It has 30+ charts and single maps to customize your data visualization. Also, they have included more social media graphics and other visuals to incorporate into the visualizations. One of the valuable features is the dashboard template library, where you can find several visualizations to explore trends and insights.

One of the valuable features is the dashboard template library, where you can find several visualizations

Some of the key features are –

Wide selection of charts, graphs, and maps - Infogram has more than 35 interactive charts and over 550+ maps to help visualize data. The library includes several bar graphs, word clouds, column tables, and pie charts.

Simple drag-and-drop editor - Infogram's intuitive and lightweight data editor helps edit colors and styles, add icons, and set display options to make beautiful visualizations.

Interactive reports - Users can create interesting reports that are easy to share and understand. Also, it can be embedded online and tracked using analytics.

How Much Does it Cost?

A free version is available with limited functionalities, which is excellent for exploring the tool to understand if it's suitable for your requirements. However, premium plans start at $19 for personal usage and go as high as $149 for enterprise team plans(as on 8th August 2022).


Metabase is an excellent open-source data visualization mockup tool for enterprises with a massive chunk of data to use in different ways. It enables the user to create dashboards utilizing data from a variety of databases and data sources. The best part is there's no requirement of SQL to create visualizations. However, for advanced customization, SQL is supported in Metabase.

What Are the Possibilities with Metabase?

This diverse tool has several dynamic features to consider. Let's take a quick look - 

Pulse Reporting Feature - This feature enables users to share Key Performance Indicators, objectives, and results. For instance - how many customers filed complaints and how many were looked upon. 

Ease of Installation - The installation procedure is relatively easy for Metabase. However, the installation on the cloud can be a little different. It enables easy integration with multiple databases and data warehouses, such as Big Query, MySQL, Amazon Redshift, Spark, etc.

Analysis of Data in a Data Warehouse - The pulse reporting feature plays a key role here. It can be connected to the data warehouse to receive real-time analytics results, which can be shared with teams to keep a tab on the KPIs.

How Much Does it Cost?

The cost for Metabase starts from $100 every month (as on 8th August 2022). It has three different plans to explore -

Startup (Metabase Cloud) at $100.00 per month
Business (Metabase Cloud) at $300.00 per month
Enterprise (Host it myself) at $10000.00 per year

However, the free plan can be utilized to learn more about the tool.

Zoho Reports

Zoho Reports is the perfect solution when you need to present information more uniquely. This power-packed tool is great for tracking cashflow, other business level information, project pipelines, and donor data as well. It represents the insights that can help in steering the enterprise towards a better future by maximizing the most unrealized opportunities. 

What Are the Possibilities with Zoho Reports?

HSome of the best features of Zoho Reports are -

Ease of Use - Zoho Reports is relatively easy to use. It lets the user create insightful dashboards and reports seamlessly and enables effective collaboration where one can create reports with their colleagues. Zoho Reports work as a intelligence desk that provides complete freedom to choose from a variety of styles and create better reports. 

Embedded Reports and Dashboards across Digital Platforms - Zoho Reports lets one create business intelligence reports easily with a simple drag-and-drop interface. You can shape your data the way you want and embed dashboards and reports across blogs, applications, intranets, and sites. Apart from this, you can share them for collaborative analysis.

How Much Does it Cost?

The cost for Zoho Reports starts from $24 every month (as on 8th August 2022). It has four different plans to explore -

  • Basic plan is for $24 every month
  • Standard plan is for $48 every month
  • Premium plan is for $115 every month
  • Enterprise specific plan starts at $455 each month

However, the free 15-days trial plan can be utilized to understand more about the tool and its features. 


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