The Organization

Amdocs is a software provider for the telecommunications industry. Today, the $4BB company works primarily in the B2B space providing mobile, satellite and infrastructure telecom consulting services for companies like AT&T, Dish Network and Symfonica.

The Challenge

Amdocs already provides the industry with solutions such as document management, engineering, and quality assurance - they were looking to develop a new business channel for communicating with customers and cross-selling to them via E-learning. Amdocs decided to launch a new product called Amdocs Academy, a personalized suite of tools designed to help large clientele upskill their entire employee base.

As this was a large-scale initiative, Amdocs was looking for a partner that could deliver on an end-to-end solution - from the planning and architecture, to system integration and implementation, to training and deployment.

The Approach & Solution

We initially collaborated on outlining a product strategy that could guide the formation of the business and technical requirements of the software. An agile team worked closely with Amdocs management in order to define initial features and launch objectives with a very clear mission. The product would have the flexibility to upskill employees across a number of different specializations while providing customers the ability to monitor employee progress.

The outcome was a solution that enables Amdocs to provide their customers eLearning as a Service. The solution leverages machine learning models that evaluate employee management, and automatically re-adjusts their learning content in real-time. In addition, the solution leverages big data analysis to automatically score, evaluate and feed new content to employees so that they can learn relevant new skillsets to their job.