The Challenge

Icreon and Amdocs’ have worked together for years to imagine the future of telecom support through digital products. Together, we wanted to chart out a vision in which the business would be able to rapidly hypothesize, implement and test new products and services with its customer base in lightning-quick time.

The Approach

Amdocs has a workforce of over 26,000, of which, there are over 10,000 software and platform technologists. In order to begin delivering new products at a more efficient rate, we wanted to develop an agile development mindset and strategy that they could safely use with their strategic partners. This approach would create a path for growth without having to expand on resources, and enable Amdocs to accelerate the adoption of tools in new areas - like business intelligence and analytics, machine learning models and new cloud computing capabilities.

The Solution

Using the agile mindset, what we’ve essentially built is an Advanced Technologies marketplace, one in which Amdocs can lean on its tremendous in-house staff for heavy lifting of day-to-day responsibilities and utilize Icreon to provide mentorship and guidance on cutting edge technology investments.

The most significant success was the development of a new E-learning IP (Amdocs Academy) that they were able to successfully roll out to a major client with 10,000+ staff in 16 weeks.