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Unleashing Digital Potential: Reigniting User Experience and Propelling Marketing Triumph.


Driving Growth with Digital Empowerment

Acrisure, a finance distribution firm, faced hurdles as their digital presence fell short of their brand's sophistication. In a competitive market, they sought to establish themselves as a provider of cutting-edge solutions and innovative strategies. Despite their capabilities, their outdated website failed to convey their premium fintech services. To redefine their image and attract leads, Acrisure embarked on a digital transformation, requiring a modern platform to elevate their brand experience.

The Challenge

Acrisure needed to strengthen its presence in the market to attract clients and increase revenue.

Acrisure is an intelligence-driven financial services distribution platform catering to agency partners' financial needs. The company has grown revenue from $38 million to more than $3.5 billion over the last eight years by expanding its products and services across all verticals with fast acquisitions to serve their clients better. As the company continued to establish dominance in the industry, they faced significant roadblocks in terms of the digital positioning of its brand. Their web experience did not truly reflect the sophistication of their brand and it couldn't meet the technical requirements needed to offer a more dynamic user experience.


Their digital presence needed a thoughtful renovation that would let the brand define itself as a premium fintech partner agency with a suite of distinguished services in the insurance domain. Learn how Icreon helped Acrisure leverage a modern digital platform in order to deliver an elevated brand experience online and cultivate more sales opportunities.


“We were very impressed by the breadth and depth of the Icreon's experience and industry expertise throughout the deployment process. Thanks to everyone for the teamwork and support, especially considering the time constraints and intensity of the project.” - Sozon C. Vatikiotis, Chief Operating Officer

Client Success Story- Acrisure
The Solution

Developing an information architecture that drives insights and content strategy that drives conversion.

The Icreon team worked on understanding the functional specifications of the brand website to deliver the appropriate solutions. While moving data from open-source WordPress to Sitecore XP, Icreon made sure that every component built was designed to capture and display all the key data points important to Acrisure. Each component is user-friendly in terms of content alignment and content creation. Icreon organized its efforts into four practical phases: website strategy, information architecture, content strategy + design, and development.


Through extensive interviews with Acrisure's key team members, Icreon understood that they required a complete website overhaul, and hence the team worked on leveraging the capabilities that Sitecore has to offer. Within Sitecore XP, the Icreon team customized the theme and template integration to build an engaging experience that was appealing and user-friendly. It showcased Acrisure's value to the users.


To enhance Acrisure's website's capabilities, Icreon worked on complex forms integration such as Contact Form, HubSpot Form Integration, and Jazz HR. They built the Partner Finder search mechanism by creating 1:1 mapping on the basis of line of business (a specialty of business) and showing relevant results on Google maps. Also, Icreon's experienced design and development team came up with a solution of a parallax effect design for a unique and seamless experience for visitors. The team created a storyline about the client's company and other details and then developed the site, which unfolds visually when scrolled up or down. Adding this effect resulted in a highly interactive UI and a visual treat to the viewers. Additionally, to help drive conversion, Icreon worked on creating embeddable maps to show users the appropriate partner locations and contact options.


“Icreon did a great job in building our website on time that reflects our brand. It’s not just what you ask them to do, but they also give you recommendations on the best practices, which I appreciate.” - Satvinder Kaur, Awareness & Growth Marketing, VP at Acrisure


"It takes a village to execute projects like these and I really appreciate your partnership. It wasn't possible without any one of you. Working with Icreon was a genuine pleasure."

Satvinder Kaur
VP - Operations & Digital Strategy, at Acrisure
Our Approach
The Result

A digital experience that reflects the sophistication of the brand and drives conversion.

Icreon's contribution to Acrisure's digital customer experience transformation delivered a digital interface that captivated users with its enhanced interactivity and improved visual storytelling. The website seamlessly integrated multiple impressive functionalities, all made possible by Icreon's expertise. 


From efficient content management to an enhanced martech ops model and enabled change management, Acrisure benefited from a confluence of powerful tools. This holistic approach elevated Acrisure's branding efforts, ensuring a cohesive and impactful digital presence while simultaneously driving the operationalization of the business and focusing on key performance indicators (KPIs) for continual improvement.


The web architecture streamlined marketing operations, coupled with a better content management system (CMS), unlocked the full potential of personalization for Acrisure. This comprehensive approach facilitated dynamic and tailored user experiences, leading to increased engagement and conversions. Thanks to Icreon's contribution, Acrisure successfully achieved its goal of creating a digital platform that truly resonates with its audience.



“I strongly recommend working with Icreon primarily because they’re true partners with a sense of ease with which you can operate with them and the value they bring to the table.” - Satvinder Kaur, VP - Operations & Digital Strategy

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