A Telecom’s Transformation Triumph: From Complexity to Efficiency in New Customer Acquisition

How BT Group revolutionized new customer engagement through a digital customer experience transformation and turned scaling challenges into growth.


BT Group: Shaping the Future of Connectivity

BT Group is among the largest telecommunications providers in the world, offering a range of fixed-line, mobile, broadband, subscription television, and managed IT network services.  


Their prospective customers often requested product demos before buying, but due to the sheer volume of requests, BT Group faced challenges keeping up with customer demand. Delayed responses to demo requests caused potential customers to shop elsewhere, leading to lost revenue. They realized in order to drive more growth, they needed to streamline and scale their product demo program. BT Group enlisted a team of digital transformation veterans and CX experts to help overcome this challenge. 


Discover how Icreon revolutionized BT Group's appointment management and streamlined their demo booking process to effectively serve a large volume of customers.    


The Challenge

Streamlining Appointment Scheduling to Reduce Customer Churn

BT Group's primary goal was the simplification of product demo scheduling as a strategic move to drive growth. They recognized that prospects who engaged with their product demos had a higher conversion rate into active customers. However, the complexity and cost-prohibitive nature of orchestrating such demos on a global scale presented a considerable obstacle. For this, they needed an integrated appointment management system in place which would be connected with existing processes to provide real-time visibility into space and staff availability.


With the aim to overcome this hurdle, BT Group teamed up with Icreon, setting the stage for a refined, more accessible demo experience. 

The Icreon
The Solution

Built A Web-Based Appointment Management Platform

After closely collaborating with BT Group to understand their unique challenges and operational pain points of streamlining product demos, Icreon developed a centralized web-based appointment management solution, elevating BT's demo scheduling capabilities. This platform provides real-time insights into space and staff availability, streamlining the booking process and empowering BT staff to cater to more customers efficiently.


Icreon’s innovative solution seamlessly integrates with users’ calendars, facilitating effortless tracking of appointments, especially at remote locations. Engineered for global usability, this system auto-adjusts to different time zones, simplifying the scheduling of meetings across diverse team members worldwide. Also, the platform allows users to categorize and tag appointments based on specific products and services, facilitating improved product trend tracking.


To cap it off, a robust notification engine is integrated into the system, dispatching timely reminders about imminent appointments to both staff and customers. This engine is also primed to alert about any scheduling shifts, substantially curtailing the rate of no-shows.


The Results

BT Group Improved Scheduling and Customer Experiences

The new web-based appointment platform unlocked unparalleled accessibility for the BT Group's staff. They could effortlessly track, manage, and oversee appointments, regardless of their location. Such flexibility proved invaluable, the time and effort previously spent on booking appointments were drastically reduced, liberating the staff to concentrate on what matters most: delivering exceptional customer service.


The enhanced categorization and tagging system introduced by the solution paved the way for more nuanced product trend tracking. By associating appointments with specific products and services, BT Group gained deeper insights into consumer preferences. The integrated reporting and analytics engine produced detailed metrics on aspects like no-shows, completed appointments, and cancellations. This wealth of data armed BT Group with the information they needed to refine their service offerings. 


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