The Tough Side of Digital Commerce

With over a decade of ‘tough tech’ experience, explore how the world’s leading rugged phone manufacturer built an enterprise ecommerce solution to drive an immersive shopping experience.


Smartphone Manufacturer Boosts Sales with Ecommerce Transformation

Bullitt Group manufactures and distributes rugged mobile phones, satellite link systems, and other consumer electronics designed for law enforcement, military, construction, mining, and adventurers working in extreme and remote environments. They have partnerships with Motorola, Caterpillar Inc, Kodak, and Land Rover, and their products are available in 75 countries.


The real business challenge for Bullit Group was to differentiate themselves in a competitive rugged smartphone market over large competitors like Samsung and Andriod. To do this, they needed to deliver a comprehensive digital experience that clearly articulated the value of their products and simplified the buying process. Learn how they teamed up with Icreon to strategize, design, and execute a sophisticated digital commerce journey to launch immersive shopping experiences.

The Challenge

Creating an Immersive Shopping Experience

The challenge was clear for Bullitt Group - improve customer retention and increase sales, particularly for their Cat phones product line. As they faced tough competition from high-end phone manufacturers, they needed to create seamless and engaging experiences across multiple digital touchpoints and languages to take hold of the online market.


Bullitt Group recognized the importance of reinventing their digital customer experience in order to showcase the value of their products and differentiate themselves from their rivals. They partnered with Icreon to devise an innovative strategy to tackle this challenge. Icreon played a pivotal role in devising the strategy, design, and overall user experience, ensuring a sophisticated digital commerce journey that increased sales and engaged customers.

The Icreon
The Solution

Enterprise Ecommerce Solution Built for Global Cat Phones Customers

Icreon's collaboration with Bullitt Group went beyond the technical execution of building a website; they focused on creating a seamless, engaging, and impactful digital commerce experience across multiple platforms and languages. By first understanding and addressing the competitive landscape and user needs, Icreon was able to develop an immersive web experience that aligned with Bullitt Group's overall objective of positioning Cat phones as the best rugged phones in the market.


“We deep-dived into the business needs, performed competitive audits, analysis, user flow research, and then created a digital strategy for an enterprise ecommerce platform. These critical steps laid the foundation for a seamless and sophisticated digital commerce experience,” said Melinda Matturro, Icreon’s Lead UX/UI Designer.


While the responsive website was an important deliverable, Icreon's strategic approach to the overall digital customer experience, which encompassed the entire commerce journey, was the driving force behind Bullitt Group's success. Icreon’s design team leveraged measurable data to craft seamless experiences across all the channels. The newly designed website featured an interactive interface, which facilitated the process of learning about each model's features and comparing them with other products in the market. These enhancements contributed to a seamless and engaging digital commerce experience that set Bullitt Group apart from its competitors.

Our Approach
The Result

Enhanced Shopping Experiences and Increased Sales

By developing an ecommerce platform, Icreon enabled Bullitt Group to showcase the value of their products in the ruggest phones market and stand out against their competitors. This strategic approach led to increased sales, improved customer retention, and revenue.


The ecommerce platform provided Bullitt Group with valuable insights into customer purchasing behavior, enabling them to refine the digital experience and drive sales growth continuously. Through their partnership with Icreon, Bullitt Group has successfully established a robust, end-to-end digital commerce solution that enhances their customers' experience and positions them for long-term success in the market.


Icreon's impact on Bullitt Group was profound, as the customer review and rating system enabled them to gather and assess valuable feedback, making strategic adjustments to their product range. Additionally, the solution facilitated seamless integration with multiple payment methods, simplified website updates, and allowed for easy management of discount schemes, thereby enhancing customer relations. Furthermore, the platform enables product bundling and sales, granting customers access to benefits and streamlining their shopping experience.

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