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Reducing application processing
time from 21 days to 3.

How can technology enable the construction industry in the UK by authorising, approving and validating construction certifications?


How can technology enable the construction industry in the UK by authorising, approving and validating construction certifications?

Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS), a not-for-profit organisation, is the leading skills certification scheme within the UK Construction Industry. They have 6 million cards in circa with about 350,000 new cards issued each year. The cards are widely recognised to prove that construction workers possess the necessary skills and qualifications to work. For employers, this means that the labour force supplied is trained, skilled and up to date with Health and Safety regulations. The majority of the UK construction industry require construction workers on their sites to hold a valid card. 

Million cards in circulation
Thousand applications annually
Contact center seats
Decrease in average days to process

The Challenge

For more than 20 years, CSCS’s application processing and contact centre services have been delivered through traditional methods of paper, post and cheque. This caused long processing times and lengthy customer service calls.  

They were also facing a number of fraudulent applications due to submission of fake certificates with no intelligent mechanism to check its authenticity. CSCS also wanted to tackle the problem of erroneous cards being issued via fraudulent channels. By modernising their business operations CSCS would not only fall in line with the Leadership Council’s strategy and vision to drive growth across the entire economy, an industry known for its talented and diverse workforce but would ensure that CSCS could meet the demands of number of growing applications for the next 5 years but would also improve the overall experience and level of customer satisfaction of applying for a card by bringing the processing time down from 21 days to 3 days.   

The Solution

Digitally transforming their business and providing  an omnichannel customer experience platform for their users, all of whom have various level of tech literacy, they are making their business smart to allow for growth and demand.  

CSCS recognized that digitally transforming their business from a traditional to a omnichannel solution would tackle the problems they were having with their current processes. Modernising the way that applications are made would allow their wide and diversive customers to apply from their personal computer, mobile phones and tablets, making it accessible for all.

The Approach

Enterprise Platform Strategy 

Platform portals for customers, customer service agents, employers & administrators running on AWS and micro service level architecture.  

Digital Business  optimisation 

Data migration of 1.5m customers and approximately 3.5m cards.

Strategy & Consulting 

Digital transformation journey mapping  of transforming offline business to a fully digital automated enterprise system.

Customer Experience 

Customer journey mapping of key stakeholders allowed 360 customer diagnostics success of applications processed.