Eutelsat Group's Digital Transformation for African Broadband

Explore Eutelsat Group's transformative journey with Konnect Africa, bridging the connectivity divide through a multi-lingual website.


Konnect Africa's Digital Revolution for Enhanced African Connectivity

Eutelsat Group, one of the world’s leading communications satellite operators, has a fleet of over 30 satellites that serve broadcasting, mobile communications, and Internet connectivity needs in countries across Europe, Americas, Africa, and Asia. Eutelsat Group satellites service over 270 million cable and satellite TV homes.

Eutelsat Group faced the challenge of boosting its online visibility and effectively communicating its Konnect Africa broadband offerings and projects to attract potential customers and partners. The aim was to educate on the substantial impact of high-speed internet in advancing lives and businesses across Africa.

Learn how Icreon enhanced Drupal's core with custom modules for Eutelsat Group digital presence and broadband services in Africa.

The Challenge

Konnect Africa: Bridging the Digital Divide in Africa with a Functional Web Presence

Konnect Africa, a Eutelsat Group initiative that works towards providing broadband services in Africa, was looking to build a strong digital presence to communicate information about their services and operations. The project was a part of the organization’s ongoing efforts to improve customer service and increase customer satisfaction in the region.

For this mission, Konnect Africa needed to create an online platform where they could showcase their current projects and initiatives as well as connect with potential partners who could help them grow their operations further. They also want to educate people about the importance of having access to high-speed internet services like theirs and how it can help them improve their lives and become more productive citizens or business owners.

The Solution

Built a Multi-Lingual Website that Communicate Eutelsat Group Mission

Facing the challenge presented by Eutelsat Group, Icreon strategically delved into the complexities of their requirements for an agile, multilingual content management solution. Recognizing the need for a versatile platform, Icreon navigated beyond conventional choices and proposed a modernized CMS solution. This revamp aimed at creating a dynamic website, serving as a centralized information hub for Eutelsat Group services and operations.

Icreon's approach went beyond platform selection, focusing on a holistic strategy that empowered Eutelsat Group with enhanced flexibility to publish dynamic, multilingual content while fostering a user-centric digital experience. This approach ensured that the solution aligned precisely with Eutelsat Group's evolving content needs, establishing a future-ready foundation for seamless growth and adaptability.

Leveraging Drupal as a modern CMS platform with robust content authoring capabilities, the solution empowered Konnect Africa to effortlessly publish and share information regarding their services. Additionally, Icreon engineered custom modules to seamlessly integrate with Drupal's core, enhancing functionalities beyond the base setup for unparalleled features.

Our Approach
The Results

Digital Transformation Success: Konnect Africa's Enhanced Information Dissemination

As a result of this digital transformation project, Konnect Africa can now effortlessly disseminate information about their services through a website available in multiple languages, made possible by Icreon's engineered custom modules that seamlessly integrate with Drupal's core, enhancing functionalities beyond the base setup for unparalleled features.

Eutelsat Group global footprint surged forward through Konnect Africa's pioneering broadband solutions, significantly amplifying communication capabilities and elevating customer service standards. This expansion marked a pivotal stride toward revolutionizing connectivity and empowering diverse communities across the globe.

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