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About Fordham

Fordham University School of Law is a profession graduate school of Fordham University. Located in Manhattan, the Law School receives 5000+ applicants across their 4 programs annually - ultimately enrolling 400 students into their JD program. Fordham wanted to leverage their data sources to enhance the customer experience - the customer in this context being the student and the experience being the student lifecycle.

The Challenge

Fordham’s ultimate goal was to drive predictability across “moments of truth” where they could actually enhance student experiences and drive transformation. The school has various departments and over 20 hand grown applications that the students interact with as they go through their lifecycle - for example, seating and registration. To achieve success at building a better student lifecycle experience leveraging technology such as Sharepoint, Icreon needed to have a better understanding of student data, and the overall data structure.

The Solution & Execution

Icreon worked with Fordham Law to first build out an analytics framework, enabling the organization to achieve an analytics maturity level where they could eventually build a model of predictability. Structured on Power BI, Icreon reviewed, cleansed and structured various data sets to build a series of dashboards personalized to each of the departments - from enrollment to registrar to specialized clinics. This allowed Fordham to identify moments of truth - such as an “at risk student.” Focusing on the enrollment funnel, faculty performance and marketing performance, Fordham could ingest additional data sets to run various reports with a goal of enhancing the student experience and lifecycle.