Discover how IPE Quest forged a digital bridge, connecting millions of asset owners across Europe with the optimal fund managers through a platform fostering informed decisions, trust, and accessibility in the investment ecosystem.

Meet IPE Quest

IPE Quest: Transforming Pension Account Management

IPE Quest encountered many challenges before it was acquired by FD Mediagroep, a major Dutch media company that specializes in financial news and business information. As a subsidiary of IPE International Publishers Ltd., they aimed to bridge the gap between institutional asset owners and suitable fund managers across the UK and Europe.


Given the vast landscape of over 23 million active pension accounts, the challenging task of identifying the right fund manager for each client was indeed formidable.


Learn how the collaboration between Icreon and IPE Quest resulted in an intuitive platform that simplified communication between asset owners and fund managers.

The Challenge

The Quest to Match Asset Owners with Ideal Fund Managers

In the UK, the landscape of institutional investing is vast and complex, with over 23 million active pension accounts representing a substantial pool of funds in need of strategic management. This wealth of potential investments creates a high-stakes environment for asset owners who are tasked with the crucial decision of selecting the right fund managers to handle these funds. The challenge lies not only in the sheer volume of options but also in the need for a reliable, efficient conduit for asset owners to meet and vet potential fund managers.


The aim was to create a more transparent, accessible, and efficient marketplace, reducing the time and resources typically consumed in the search and due diligence process. To achieve this objective, IPE Quest partnered with Icreon to empower asset owners with the tools and connections needed to make informed decisions, ensuring their funds are managed effectively to yield optimal returns.

The Solution

Developed a Fully-fledged Web-Based Platform for Asset Owners and Managers

IPE Quest identified this gap and recognized the imperative need for a specialized platform that would streamline the selection process. They envisioned a solution that would not only introduce asset owners to a curated list of qualified fund managers but also facilitate a seamless exchange of information and objectives.


To address the challenge, Icreon provided IPE Quest with a comprehensive web-based platform. The platform enables asset managers to seek answers from potential fund managers by creating custom questionnaires or using sample ones from the library. This solution equips asset owners with powerful tools and applications to perform due diligence before finalizing a fund manager. As part of Icreon’s solution, users can upload and categorize files for reference in a resource library. Staff members at IPE Quest can monitor platform activity via a web-based administration console, which ensures smooth operations.


With the question builder, asset owners can create questionnaires with a variety of question types, including multiple choice and date selection. A comprehensive search tool is also available that allows users to specify detailed criteria for the type/class of fund manager they are looking for. To maintain authenticity and prevent fraudulent transactions, Icreon incorporated a rigorous verification process. Before being available to fund managers, asset owner requests are vetted, and manager responses are verified before being shared with asset owners. A fund manager can now browse asset owner requests, analyze the details, and decide whether to respond. Having this feature ensures that the platform is safe and trustworthy.

The Results 

Achieved Significant Efficiency in Asset Owner-Fund Manager Selection Process

Overall, Icreon's solution has significantly eased the process for asset owners to find and evaluate fund managers. The collaboration between IPE Quest and Icreon has not only addressed the challenge at hand but also delivered a user-friendly platform that streamlines communication and ensures authenticity in the dealings between asset owners and fund managers.

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