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About Magrath Sheldrick

Magrath Sheldrick LLP has grown to become one of the UK’s pre-eminent niche business immigration and employment practices. They are recognised as a major force in corporate immigration and was the first practice in the UK to also offer specialist US immigration law and global immigration law services to help businesses locate their personnel worldwide.

The Challenge

Corporate users always need a simple system to use to increase their productivity. Catering to a user experience which is common across the industry was difficult. Apart from this, the application is very data rich; with tons of data entry. We had to device a way to OCR documents and identification images to reduce the amount of data entry error. The workflow is unique per application type and per corporate customer. The architecture needed to be modular to cater to new customer needs and changing business situations. With corporates being multi-location; within a company there were many stakeholders contributing to various parts of the application – so a robust roles and permission was essential with comprehensive audit trail for compliance purposes.

The Solution & Execution

We designed a bespoke web application with Service Oriented Architecture. The components included multi-site hosted database with Data Access, Business Logic and API driven services. The application also is capable of reading scanned images and extracting text from specific locations within certificates to reduce manual input. The web application houses a rules engine, report builder, workflow creator and notification to keep all the stakeholders informed of the various stages in the application.