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Explore how Magrath Sheldrick achieved digital transformation and scaled productivity by streamlining and automating tedious processes into automated workflows following strict regulatory guidelines.


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Despite being a large global firm, they were struggling with fragmented data. Customer data resided in disparate document repositories, hindering integration, security, and operational efficiency. This led to data silos, inefficiencies, and reliability issues. Plus, manual data retrieval processes incurred higher costs and processing times.


Learn how Icreon helped Magrath Sheldrick to consolidate customer data into a single system to mitigate these challenges while leading to improved efficiency, security, and better overall customer experience.

The Challenge

Bridging Gaps in Data Entry, Workflow, and User Experience in the Outdated Immigration System

Processing Visa Applications at Scale: Magrath Sheldrick’s existing visa application was data intensive; with tens of thousands of visa applications coming in monthly. As they were using a legacy system which has a separate document repository, it was time-consuming and difficult for the team to fetch and process the documents manually. Therefore, the organization was looking for a way to integrate optical character recognition (OCR) technology that can help to reduce the amount of data entry errors.


Lack of Segmentation & Audit Trail: Second, there were multiple types of customers using the system for uploading/accessing documents from different locations. And the system had no segmentation based on the customer and document type which was impacting the customer experiences too. Thus, there was a need to integrate a system which possesses robust roles and permission access with a comprehensive audit trail to satisfy consistent user experiences across multiple locations.

The Solution

A Comprehensive Web-based Workflow Solution Catering to Magrath's Diverse Organizational Needs & Compliance

To help Magrath Sheldrick with the challenges of processing and organizing large quantities data via the mass low of visa applications, Icreon has successfully developed a comprehensive system tailored to meet diverse organizational needs. The components of the system included a multi-site hosted database with Data Access, Business Logic, and API-driven services. The application also can read scanned images and extract text from specific locations within certificates to reduce manual input. The web application houses a rules engine, report builder, workflow creator, and notification to keep all the stakeholders informed of the various stages of the application.


This sophisticated system handles the complete application workflow, enabling different stakeholders to seamlessly participate based on their roles. It ensures the security and easy accessibility of all application-related documents, incorporating a robust communication mechanism to keep stakeholders informed about data movements.


The inclusion of a client repository provides a centralized hub for comprehensive client details, while a template repository streamlines access to various templates. The system boasts an audit trail feature, capturing every data movement in critical application areas. Complying with GDPR standards, it prioritizes security from all perspectives. Additionally, the system offers reporting capabilities, allowing users to extract valuable insights from the data, and facilitates historical data entry, ensuring all previous records are seamlessly integrated into the system.


This holistic approach marks Icreon's commitment to providing a secure, efficient, and user-friendly solution for diverse business needs.


Our Approach
The Result

Magrath Sheldrick Achieves Efficiency, Security and Employee Satisfaction Through a Centralized Web Platform

The streamlined user experience implemented by Icreon resulted in increased user engagement and satisfaction among customers and employees alike. Moreover, the scalable and centralized platform developed by Icreon allowed Magrath Sheldrick to efficiently store and retrieve data across multiple sites and domains, ensuring seamless access to information for professionals across the organization.


Additionally, Icreon's stringent adherence to GDPR regulations ensured that data and user security measures were effectively incorporated, providing peace of mind to both customers and employees regarding the safety and privacy of their information. Overall, Icreon's solutions significantly contributed to improving satisfaction levels, operational efficiency, and data security for Magrath Sheldrick.

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