Skincare Brand doubles ecommerce conversions

Explore how a pioneering skincare brand achieves breakthrough growth in ecommerce D2C


Motif Beauty conquers the ecommerce beast in a journey to digital transformation

In the fiercely competitive world of skincare, where the pursuit of perfection is relentless, one company stood determined to raise the bar and set new standards of excellence. But in order to truly establish a dominant presence, they knew that they needed to create a digital footprint that was not only impressive in appearance but could also deliver a seamless shopping experience, drive conversions, boost revenue, and scale effortlessly with product demand.

The Challenge

Navigating the complexities of digital commerce in a competitive market

As a skincare company rising to prominence in a competitive market, Motif faced significant obstacles to achieve its growth goals due to limitations in its digital commerce shopping experience. Despite attempts to work with other vendors in the past, Motif failed to see measurable results in conversion and revenue. To overcome these challenges, they sought a digital experience agency with a broad range of expertise, from frontend development and digital commerce to customer experience and SEO strategy, and the capability to execute a strategic vision with customized frontend and backend ecommerce development.


Motif sought a partner with extensive Shopify ecommerce development experience that could deliver a high-performing online shopping experience, maximize conversions, and drive revenue growth. The ideal partner would also have the ability to provide data-driven insights, track customer behavior, and help them understand customer needs better. Ultimately, Motif needed a partner that could help them achieve their growth goals and elevate their brand in the competitive skincare market.

The Solution

Icreon's ecommerce expertise helps scale conversions and drive business growth

Icreon helped Motif scale its Shopify platform and delivered a way for them to better leverage analytics providing insights to help them make informed decisions. With Icreon’s technical expertise in ecommerce development, the team made customizations to decrease page loading times, fix technical SEO issues, and deploy strategic funnels to increase customer engagement to drive ecommerce conversions. 


Icreon's solution included tracking user behavior and other crucial metrics to help Motif better understand its customers, as well as conducting a thorough competitor analysis to uncover opportunities for streamlining the customer experience. Throughout the process, the Icreon team worked closely with Motif to release frequent updates and apply insights from analytics tools to achieve optimal results.


I’d recommend working with Icreon. They are adaptive because they have a balance between their strategic teams and execution teams. They don’t just build to spec like other vendors, they provide recommendations as they capture new data and ensure that the execution aligns with your strategy for optimal results.

Devanshi Garg
Founder / CEO, Motif Beauty
The Result

Motif Beauty achieved a stunning 2X increase in web conversions

With the right customizations on its ecommerce platform, Motif Beauty had a significant increase in conversion ratio. They doubled Cart Conversions and increased revenue by optimizing the website code, page speed, and other SEO optimization metrics. The new website has helped the company establish its digital presence as a gateway to attract customers and drive more engagement and conversions.

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