From Chaos to Clarity: How Nat Geo Unified Global Content Management

In partnership with Icreon, National Geographic scales engagement across diverse audiences and devices, unifying global content seamlessly for a multi-cultural, multi-device experience.


One Solution, Endless Exploration: National Geographic's Global Content Transformation

National Geographic Channel is a renowned media giant, known for delivering high-quality, nature-oriented content across multiple platforms. Their online portals reach 171 countries in 45 languages, bringing educational content focused on nature, life sciences, and biology-based subjects to over 433 million households worldwide.


National Geographic encountered a multifaceted challenge that entailed effectively managing their extensive global assets spread across continents while simultaneously catering to a diverse, multi-cultural audience using various devices and websites.


Learn how Icreon created a centralized storage facility that helped streamline their content management processes and enhance their ability to connect with their global audience across diverse platforms and languages.

The Challenge

Managing Global Assets and Engaging a Multi-Cultural Audience

National Geographic Channel faced the challenge of managing their extensive global assets across continents while engaging with a diverse, multi-cultural audience across various devices and websites.


They also wanted to engage with their diverse, multi-cultural audience in a variety of languages on multiple devices, such as laptops, smartphones, and tablets, across their numerous owned and operated websites.


To address this, Icreon and National Geographic Channel collaborated on the development of the "Global Repository," a centralized storage facility allowing multiple departments to share essential assets in a single, highly searchable content management system (CMS).

The Solution

Revolutionizing Asset Management and User Experience

Icreon and National Geographic Channel worked closely to identify underlying challenges of managing voluminous data across continents while extending their global reach. Icreon team built a roadmap to develop the concept of a "Global Repository" as the foundation for their platforms.


The implementation of the "Global Repository" solution led to significant improvements in asset management and user experience. This centralized storage facility would allow multiple departments across various continents to share essential source assets, such as videos, texts, games, and advertising materials, in a single, highly searchable content management system (CMS), reducing time and effort spent on locating and distributing materials.


The CMS was designed for multi-platform, multi-host architecture environments, ensuring seamless integration with multiple web application environments like Drupal, .NET, and PHP. This enabled the same media to be used across different technological stacks. Additionally, an optimized search engine was built to semantically find data for easy data retrieval.


Icreon's innovative solution effectively helped National Geographic Channel manage all of their global assets and engage with their multi-cultural audience, while enhancing the overall user experience and ensuring their content remained easily accessible and relevant across multiple platforms and devices.

Client Testimonial

“Thanks to Icreon's innovative solutions, we can now offer a more personalized and seamless experience to our viewers, no matter where they are or what device they're using. This has been key in maintaining our reputation as a provider of high-quality, accessible content.”

Our Approach
The Results 

Delivering Multilingual Educational Assets at a Global Scale: Handling 2 Million Pageviews Seamlessly

The implementation of Icreon's "Global Repository" solution led to a significant positive impact on National Geographic Channel's asset management and user experience. By centralizing the storage system, the company streamlined access and sharing of assets, reducing time and effort for locating and distributing materials across departments and regions. Furthermore, seamless integration across multiple platforms and devices made the content more accessible to a diverse, multi-cultural audience, fostering higher engagement levels.


Icreon's innovative solution not only enabled National Geographic Channel to effectively manage their global assets and engage with their multi-cultural audience but also enhanced the overall user experience.


The multi-platform, multi-host architecture of the CMS ensured adaptability to changes in technology and user preferences, keeping National Geographic Channel's online presence future-proof and ensuring the continued relevance and accessibility of their content across multiple platforms and devices.

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