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About NHS

An A&E department (also known as the emergency department) deals with genuine life-threatening emergencies. Each year the NHS provides around 110 million urgent same-day patient contacts. Around 85 million cases out of these are urgent GP appointments, and the rest are A&E or minor injuries-type visits. Some estimates suggest that between 1.5 and 3 million people who come to A&E each year could have their needs addressed in other parts of the urgent care system.

The Challenge

The average wait time is around 4 hours and also in the patient triage and reception area; there is no secure way of communicating the medical problem. This unique problem had to be solved using technology which can be accessed by everybody in UK with varying levels of technology skills. Also, a vital component of the solution was the iPad kiosks at the A&E centres which had to be designed to handle around 100 features / functionalities via just 2 screens.

The Solution & Execution

We had a 3 month strategy phase with NHS digital team to understand and architect data-security for the app. Following that Icreon’s solution consisted of an iPhone and Android app for Patients, iPad app at the hospital, Web app for Hospital Reception, Department Admins to plan the intake of patients. The solution is N3 hosted and vetted by NHS digital team. The solution is scalable to 8 million people using it every day to check-in to A&Es. The aim is to have the waiting time reduced to 1 hour by 2019.

Tools & Platforms: JAVA, MS SQL, NET, SWIFT