Nokia Unites Global Web Presence through Multisite Centralization

Explore Icreon transformed Nokia's chaotic multi-website landscape into a streamlined, unified global presence and a simplified content management system.


Breaking Borders: Nokia’s Multisite Transformation Journey

As a multinational data networking and telecommunications equipment giant, Nokia understood that it was critical to maintain the pace with their customers’ evolving expectations. The brand was struggling with multisite complexity as they had dozens of websites that used multiple languages and served various audiences. This complexity resulted in unnecessary redundancy for both content and operations teams, causing obstacles in cross-team collaboration.


Discover how Icreon orchestrated a transformation, optimizing content to enhance collaboration and communication, refine content planning, and enable site properties—all within a centralized platform for maximum effectiveness.

The Challenge

Nokia’s Journey to Web Management Efficiency

Nokia Siemens Network encountered significant hurdles prior to engaging with Icreon for their digital transformation initiative. The foremost challenge revolved around the disparate nature of their online content management systems. Managing numerous websites across various regions posed a significant operational challenge, requiring extensive navigation across multiple systems. This decentralized approach hindered operational efficiency, leading to redundancy and complexity in content management workflows.


Furthermore, maintaining a consistent brand image across diverse markets proved to be an arduous task due to the fragmented nature of their online presence. Individual country websites operated autonomously, resulting in an inconsistent brand identity and user experience. This lack of cohesion not only posed challenges in brand management but also created communication gaps and inconsistencies in strategies aimed at engaging users.


Language diversity emerged as another substantial challenge for Nokia Siemens Network. Catering to a global audience with content input in multiple languages posed logistical complexities. The absence of a unified platform for multilingual content input made content creation, translation, and updating processes cumbersome, prone to errors, and time-consuming. Effectively communicating with diverse user bases in different regions while ensuring a personalized experience became increasingly difficult.


Recognizing the need for a more efficient solution, Nokia embarked on a quest to consolidate its web management infrastructure into a centralized platform along with multilingual content support, personalized user experiences, and present a consistent brand image across diverse markets.

The Solution

A Centralized Content Creation and Distribution Platform 

The project's initial objective was to implement a large-scale database migration that would consolidate all of Nokia's website properties into a single, unified content management system. Icreon deployed a team of data engineering experts to initiate data migration with the objective of eliminating the need to navigate through multiple systems, enhancing operational efficiency and simplifying content management workflows.


Following this primary step, Icreon was tasked with the challenge of finding a unified platform that would merge not only Nokia’s individual country websites, but also support the input of content in multiple languages. Leveraging Drupal as the central platform, Icreon executed intensive data migration process and enabled Nokia to present a consistent brand image across diverse markets. This strategic alignment fostered a sense of continuity for users, simplifying brand management and enabling consistent communication strategies.


The platform boasts a rich set of tools, empowering content creators to effortlessly access a vast repository of previously authored content and seamlessly integrate it into their work. Given the expansive and decentralized nature of Nokia’s team, the platform was thoughtfully designed with non-technical users in mind, incorporating user-friendly tagging and search features for efficient content reuse and remixing.


Icreon introduced support for content input in multiple languages, enabling Nokia to effectively engage with a global audience. A unified platform for multilingual content input simplified content creation, translation, and updates, reducing errors and saving time for content managers. This ensured a more inclusive and personalized online experience for users across regions.


Through strategic design and user experience enhancements, Icreon optimized the platform to ensure an intuitive interface and seamless navigation. This improved accessibility for users, enhancing engagement and satisfaction across Nokia's diverse user base.

The Result

Nokia Achieved Enhanced Operational Efficiency and Personalization at a Global Scale

Before digital transformation, Nokia had multiple teams deployed to update and maintain branded copies and other information using different tools and platforms. The implementation of a large-scale database migration and the consolidation of Nokia's various website properties into a single content management system offers several benefits to the company.


Firstly, it streamlines and centralizes the management of online content, enhancing operational efficiency by eliminating the need to navigate disparate systems for different regions. Moreover, by integrating individual country websites into a unified platform, Nokia can establish a cohesive online presence, presenting a consistent brand image across diverse markets. This not only fosters a sense of continuity for users but also facilitates easier brand management and communication strategies.


The support for content input in multiple languages is instrumental in catering to a global audience. This feature ensures that Nokia can effectively communicate with and engage users in different regions, fostering a more inclusive and personalized online experience. Additionally, a unified platform for multilingual content input simplifies the content creation and updating processes, reducing potential errors and saving time for content managers.


Overall, this project facilitates operational efficiency, enhances brand consistency, and enables Nokia to effectively connect with a diverse global audience through streamlined content management and multilingual support.

Client Testimonial

“We were thoroughly impressed with Icreon's exceptional services throughout our website migration project. From the very beginning, it was evident that they grasped our objectives and understood the complexities involved.”


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