Redefining Academic Efficiency

Discover how NYU Stern revolutionized student registration with a cutting-edge mobile app for an enriching academic journey.


Elevating the Academic Experience at NYU Stern

NYU Stern School of Business stands among the world's elite business schools. With a global student base and a commitment to pioneering the integration of education, business, and technology, Stern offers a vibrant educational environment.


Facing the challenge of improving the student academic experience, senior IT leadership aimed to overhaul the student information and registration systems for better transparency in degree progression. They needed a partner adept in mobile technology to enhance various student interactions with the university, from course planning to accessing financial aid and attending events, thereby addressing the complexity of student needs across multiple touchpoints.


Learn how Icreon revolutionized the student experience with a mobile solution that simplifies course selection and registration for students on the go.

The Challenge

Crafting a Holistic Student Experience

The challenge facing NYU Stern's senior IT leadership was multifaceted and centered on enhancing the student academic journey. They recognized the critical need for a more efficient, streamlined student information system and class registration process. The ideal solution would involve developing a mobile platform that is intuitive, user-friendly, and capable of providing a comprehensive suite of services.


This platform would need to allow students to easily select courses, manage their schedules, access financial aid information, and stay informed about university events—all from their mobile devices. By doing so, the university could eliminate many of the logistical barriers that students face, making it easier for them to focus on their studies and fully engage with the campus community. This improvement was not just about simplifying administrative tasks but about enriching the student experience with a holistic view of their educational journey.


To address this complex challenge, the leadership team was in search of a strategic partner. This endeavor required a partner that could understand the unique challenges of the educational environment and work collaboratively with the university to design a solution that would set a new standard for student information systems.

The Solution

Building A Unified Platform for NYU Stern Students

Icreon stepped in to collaborate with NYU Stern, charted out a plan of action to devise a mobile strategy tailored to the Student Registration System. The mission was to develop an intuitive platform where students could effortlessly search, browse, and enroll in courses, access real-time course availability, and manage financial transactions smoothly.


Icreon's creativity was brought to life, as they unveiled a groundbreaking mobile app designed exclusively for NYU business students, redefining the course registration experience. By focusing on a mobile-first approach, and prioritizing flexibility and convenience, Icreon engineered a registration system that enabled business school students to effortlessly access course offerings and register for classes not only through traditional online platforms but also via user-friendly mobile interfaces. This dynamic approach eliminated the barriers of time and location, allowing students to curate their academic paths at their own pace, whether it was on a personal computer or from the convenience of their mobile devices.

The Results 

Elevating NYU Stern's Registration Experience

Through the Icreon-NYU partnership, the university was able to provide its students with a modernized registration system that mirrored their lifestyles. This collaboration transformed how this educational institution interacted with its student body, ensuring that NYU remains at the forefront of innovation in higher education.


The collaboration between Icreon and NYU Stern exemplifies the power of interdisciplinary teamwork, merging technological prowess with educational vision. The result was a sophisticated, yet intuitive registration system that not only simplified the registration process but also reflected NYU Stern's commitment to providing cutting-edge educational experiences. Through this partnership, Icreon and NYU Stern set a new standard for facilitating student engagement and ease of access, ushering in a new era of streamlined registration and enhanced UI/UX excellence.

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