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About PepsiCo

PepsiCo is a global soft drink and snacks company. Their business includes marketing and manufacturing a variety soft drinks such as Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Naked Juice & Gatorade, in addition to Frito-Lays snacks, Tropicana juices and Quaker products. Currently the conglomerate has 22 different brands that individually generate over $1BB dollars in revenue each.

The Challenge

After realizing employees were not receiving the right guidance to learn newly deployed software, Icreon worked with Pepsi to create an effective way of training employees by developing a highly interactive, integrated eLearning web application.

The Solution & Execution

PepsiCo uses a variety of enterprise software to manage their company across dozens of countries and over 225,000 employees. One such software is known as the “CAR” – a massive program that allows employees to make requests to fund new projects. During the rollout of CAR, PepsiCo began to notice that its employees were having extreme trouble in making new requests. 

We worked with PepsiCo to help build a new app that sits on top of CAR to help guide users through using it. Our app includes helpful tutorials, wizards, and a learning algorithm that makes it possible for users to learn how to use CAR gradually.

The trick with building our app was integrating it seamlessly with CAR, which actually is based on an SAP product. Doing so required understanding how to seamlessly integrate with SAP, and ultimately providing tools to allow managers to modify the eLearning tool based on employee comfort levels. Secondly the eLearning tool is designed to provide learning metrics to the leadership team to show which employees are grasping the system quickly.