Transforming Employee Training with Interactive Apps

Learn how PepsiCo enhanced the productivity of its large workforce with an interactive learning solution.


PepsiCo’s Path to Enhanced Productivity through Digital Learning Transformation

PepsiCo, the world's second-largest food and beverage company with a vast global presence, employs over 300,000 individuals. The sheer size of their workforce posed significant difficulties in adequately training employees on how to use new software solutions. This lack of scalability in their employee training resulted in low adoption rates of new technology and reduced productivity. To address these challenges, PepsiCo sought a tailored learning and training solution aimed at effectively instructing and assisting employees in the use of these new software solutions.


Learn how Icreon conceptualized and designed the online tutorial app for one of their enterprise software systems – CAR (a fund requisition solution).

The Challenge

Poor Adoption of Newly Introduced Software and Reduced Workforce Efficiency

PepsiCo uses a variety of enterprise software to manage business operations across dozens of countries and has over 315,000 employees. One such software is known as the “CAR” – a massive program that allows employees to make requests to fund new projects. During the rollout of CAR, PepsiCo noticed that even with their teach-the-teacher approach to training, employees still had difficulty using the new software, which led to a loss in productivity. PepsiCo, being built on innovation, understood the need to pivot their employee training strategy.


To tackle this challenge, PepsiCo joined forces with Icreon to create a specialized employee training solution designed to proficiently educate and support employees during their learning process for new software solutions.

The Solution

An eLearning Tool for Training a Large Workforce

Working closely with PepsiCo, Icreon conceptualized and designed a custom enterprise eLearning tool. This interactive web application offers easy-to-follow tutorials with step-by-step instructions, interactive demo videos, and real-world simulations, equipping employees with the right resources to use new software. Users complete the virtual training at their own comfort and pace, and managers can see learning metrics that help them monitor the learning progress of their teams.


The strength of the custom eLearning tool lies in its seamless integration with the new software solutions being introduced by Pepsi. This close integration with the software being learned enables employees to access help and guidance for the specific processes they are working on, eliminating the need to navigate through the entire tutorial. Secondly, the eLearning tool is designed to provide learning metrics to the leadership team to show which employees have been trained on the system.

The Results 

Enhanced Software Adoption Rates with Increased Employee Productivity

Leveraging their years of expertise, the Icreon team successfully delivered a custom eLearning platform that helped Pepsi overcome their software training challenges.


With the innovative eLearning tool seamlessly integrated into PepsiCo's new software solutions, employees can immediately access personalized assistance, eliminating the challenges that previously hindered their productivity. In fact, the company reported an increase in the software adoption rate, a boost in employee productivity, and an overall improvement in the quality of learning experiences.


This strategic collaboration not only empowered the workforce to effectively embrace new technology but also provided leadership with invaluable learning metrics to track progress. PepsiCo's commitment to innovation matched Icreon's expertise, leading to a success story that will continue to drive efficiency and productivity across their global operations.

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