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Discover how Icreon Delivers Custom Software Solutions to Enable SiteCompli's Scalability and Market Dominance


NY property management leader

SiteCompli was lacking a set of digital products that enable property managers with smart automation to keep track on building maintenance, onsite reporting, and compliance management. They needed Icreon's help to create software products that could be scaled to meet the needs of a robust real-estate market. SiteCompli now serves over 75% of all New York corporate real estate groups, 65000+ buildings, and over 1.5 billion square feet of real estate.  

Learn how teaming up with an industry-leading digital experience agency helped SiteCompli grow and scale. 

The Challenge

Building management is a complex and time-intensive task, especially when managing multiple buildings

SiteCompli is an American organization with an aim to deliver innovative solutions for property management. In 2010, when the organization reached out to Icreon, they were looking to develop an online platform that can ease the hassles of overworked property managers in New York city with a long-term aim to expand services across the United States.


When it comes to property or building management, there are so many aspects, such as asset management, property document management, preventive maintenance, safety, etc. This task becomes more time-intensive if there are multiple buildings to manage. New York City also has a stringent and complicated compliance environment for the real estate industry. Most property managers often struggle to track and monitor these compliances, violations, due dates, and changes in rules and regulations – often leading to monetary losses in terms of penalties to be paid.


The main objective was to develop breakthrough technology that can offer a centralized system for both managers and residents. Plus, the organization was looking for an online portal that could aggregate and analyze compliance data to offer insightful reports and timely alerts.

The Solution

Streamlined Process of Property Monitoring, Management & NYC Compliance Automation

SiteCompli partnered with Icreon to identify the core software architecture and strategy for building out the most comprehensive suite of compliance, data mining & visualization tools for the real estate industry. They were looking for a resilient solution for both web and mobile platforms to automate the team’s SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) with easy-to-follow workflows. Post requirement analysis, the team offered a custom-built property management application, i.e., InCheck by SiteCompli. This application was developed by considering both property managers and residents in mind.


The application works on themes designed for different purposes like residential, corporate, commercial properties, etc. It introduced templates, workflows, and easy task-creation methods while differentiating the types of properties an individual deals with. Property managers can create different workflows within the templates for various building operations like on-site maintenance, safety measures, and residents’ complaints; monitor and take actions in a real-time environment through easy and accurate data visualization.


It allows them to create custom templates as per their requirements. Each template consists of workflows and leads to simplified task management. For instance, if any boiler or elevator inspection is pending on any property, the manager can easily create tasks in different workflows. There is a calendar view available as well that showcases the tasks to achieve at certain times. The drag-and-drop staff scheduling feature allows managers to easily see what’s happening with different properties, work types, and individuals.


Residents can utilize this application to report any incidents or emergency maintenance of assets like elevators, boilers, etc. In this way, the property managers can easily stay informed regarding any issues or incidents occurring on their properties. The platform supports real-time alerts and notifications for due dates etc. To avoid delays and penalties due to missed deadlines.


“We went through a very extensive process of identifying the right partner. We interviewed dozens of companies, gave them requests for proposals, and evaluated them. From all of the candidates, Icreon was the clear winner”

Ross Goldenberg
CEO, SiteCompli
The Approach
Project Outcome

Drove Business Growth with a Custom SaaS Platform for Property Managers

Sitecompli achieved significant growth, scalability, and established market dominance by launching its new SaaS Platform, including the InCheck application, which streamlined real estate operations across 65,000+ buildings. With its launch, SiteCompli facilitated clients with easy monitoring and management of multiple properties via web and mobile platforms. This application helped in better property operations like inspections, onsite work, incident reporting, etc.


This app supports multi-level users to easily manage dozens or hundreds of properties in one go. Be it maintenance, one-time or recurring property reports, residents’ requests, or something else, InCheck streamlines the whole process with an automated approach. The users get customizable dashboards for a summarized compliance snapshot of the entire property portfolio, allowing users to choose the information and level of detail that is displayed.


Additionally, project management in the real estate industry becomes hassle-free with instant checks on the team’s progress and automated mailing and notifications to each other regarding upcoming events and escalations.

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