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About TakeNote

Takenote is a disruptive technology provider in business transcription services; serving around 300 clients in UK and Europe. Takenote has managed around half a million transcriptions by working with Note Takers and Transcribers. They offer a whole range of typetastic and technological solutions.

The Challenge

Businesses would need their meetings and conversations recorded, translated into documents that can be referred to later on. The translations have to be word to word verbatim; with timestamps and identification of speakers in a room of say 10 people. The output can be used for market research, product focus groups and for legal reasons. Hence the accuracy has to be 98% or higher. While the founders have perfected the service they are offering, they needed a technology framework to support them in their journey.

The Solution & Execution

Takenote partnered with Icreon to plan their product road map and to have a few innovation workshops around process efficiency. Through the iPhone app and connected web experience, their clients are able to submit a recording, get a quote and sign the contract. This then flows into a workflow engine that assigns the right person suitable for the job; gives them an intuitive space to quickly type the transcript; with help of keyboard shortcuts the web mimics the word document. The engine also supports work assignment to specific people depending on the industry, specialisation and availability. These are tied with finance so that invoices and profitability can be projected in real-time.

Tools & Platforms: ANGULAR, MONGO, PHP, SWIFT