50% Increase in Website Traffic with A Complete Digital Modernization

Reimagining TOTO’s digital journey: Streamlining backend operations and improving customer experiences


TOTO's digital transformation: Amplifying global reach and boosting sales

As the world’s largest plumbing manufacturer with more than $5.45 billion in annual sales, TOTO delivers high-end fittings, faucets, shower fixtures and bathroom accessories. They carry a diverse range of products for residential and commercial applications while prioritizing luxury, style, and durability. With their commitment to beautiful designs and best-in-class standards, they have scaled to become a billion-dollar brand name and a global leader. 


With millions of visitors coming to TOTO’s website annually, the company needed a platform that could handle a massive digital footprint while showcasing how its individual products fit into an overall larger plan. Additionally, as TOTO was continually adding new products in comprehensive detail, prioritizing the user experience, so that it was personalized and straightforward was critical.
Learn how TOTO teamed up with Icreon to create a modernized digital strategy and implemented an updated user experience that would help the brand to cater to their target audience in a personalized manner.


The Challenge

An outdated inventory management system hinders business growth

TOTO’s core audience consists of architects, engineers, hotels, and contractors. To effectively communicate the company’s vision to its target market, TOTO was looking for a partner that could evolve its digital presence without compromising one of its core values – the high caliber that Japanese engineering is known for. 


The challenge Icreon faced was to develop a customized backend system that would allow TOTO to manage its high influx of website visitors annually and showcase how its products fit into an overall plan. TOTO joined forces with Icreon to build a powerful system that would have the capability to handle TOTO’s high traffic demands and streamline its backend operations.


The Icreon
The Solution

Developed a 100% customized backend system to handle product inventory

Often times, when people envision a website, they think of the front-end. However, the backend of the website is usually where most of the magic happens. It’s where developers design how the website will function. At Icreon, we have decades of experience in developing effective website backend strategies and solutions, which allowed us to take the time to understand the current nuts and bolts of TOTO’s business. With this in mind, we worked closely with TOTO to address its specific business needs and the underlying challenges of its existing backend. By mapping out this information, we were able to develop and implement a seamless web-based infrastructure that could handle high volumes of traffic and provide a 360-degree view of how TOTO’S products integrate into a cohesive plan.


To transition to a unique backend solution, Icreon used Drupal as TOTO’s website infrastructure base and then custom-developed TOTO’s backend, so the business could create, import, and publish content instantaneously. During our strategy planning phases, we noted that TOTO operates its business from multiple locations globally, which prompted us to develop its backend solution with multi-lingual capabilities. Lastly, to create transformational value for TOTO, we designed MyTOTO, which is a mini library of products and product features that enables users to add specific products to an individual folder to compare price, performance and additional details prior to making a purchase.


The Result

TOTO's digital leap: 50% increase in web traffic and streamlined product inventory

TOTO, one of the largest plumbing manufacturers in the world, has seen a 50% boost in traffic on the website and experienced a significant increase in annual revenues since implementing a new digital portal powered by Drupal. The updated website has helped TOTO reach its target audience of architects, engineers, hotels, and contractors. Additionally, the backend solution we developed for them has completely transformed its digital presence while maintaining one of its core values – the world-class standard that Japanese engineering is associated with. Lastly, by working with Icreon as a digital transformation agency partner, TOTO has experienced an overall 50% increase in web traffic conversion, and now has 4k+ SKUs uploaded. Additionally, over 50k+ digital assets are hosted on its site.

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