From Turbulence to Tranquility: XpressSpa’s Operational Transformation

Explore how XpressSpa revolutionized airport retail operations using predictive analytics, fueling sales and revenue.


XpresSpa's Game-Changing Shift in Airport Retail

While the bustling atmosphere of an airport may not typically evoke thoughts of relaxation and luxury, XpresSpa aims to challenge that perception. As the industry-leading luxury company, XpresSpa has transformed travel experiences for almost a million jetsetters annually. With locations spanning the United States, Holland, and the UAE, they provide a serene oasis amid bustling terminals. Their commitment to excellence shines through in their partnerships with leading cosmetic brands, ensuring travelers enjoy access to premium spa treatments. 


XpresSpa faced significant challenges in predicting sales due to the unpredictable nature of airport foot traffic, which is affected by factors such as flight cancellations, delays, and weather changes. This unpredictability made it difficult for the company to promptly adjust their services and streamline operations, leading to challenges in assessing sales trends within a highly volatile market. 


Discover how Icreon addressed XpresSpa's sales unpredictability by developing an advanced algorithm, revolutionizing the company's operations.


The Challenge

XpresSpa and the Turbulence of Airport Commerce

Navigating the unpredictable dynamics of airport foot traffic poses significant challenges. Factors such as sudden flight cancellations, unexpected delays, and changing weather patterns can have a profound impact on the potential customer flow. XpresSpa faced these challenges on a daily basis, making it difficult to anticipate sales and adjust services promptly.


In short, although every airport vendor aims to forecast daily sales accurately, XpresSpa encountered difficulties in gaining a clear understanding of their sales figures and optimizing their business processes efficiently.


The Solution

Introducing Seamless Automation with Predictive Analytics

Recognizing the challenges faced by XpresSpa, Icreon sprang action, eager to provide a solution tailored to their unique needs. Our strategy? Dive deep into the data. We conducted a thorough analysis, identifying the most impactful variables like flight numbers, weather conditions, delays, and seat availability.


But we didn’t stop there. Icreon scoured external data sources, integrating via APIs, to access the most accurate and up-to-date information on flight schedules and local weather. Utilizing tools like Power BI, SQL, R, and Python, our team meticulously sifted through this data, constructing models tailored to each individual XpresSpa location. 


The culmination of our efforts resulted in an innovative algorithm capable of predicting sales specific to each location, considering a range of variables. This revolutionary platform transformed the way XpresSpa operates, providing unparalleled insights and introducing seamless automation. 


The Results

Achieved Increased Operational Efficiency and Sales

The success of our customized solution was clear from the start. The work we created for XpresSpa, tailored specifically to their needs, greatly increased their operational efficiencies and provided a more optimized customer experience. Beyond accurate sales forecasting, the insights gleaned from the platform have paved the way for streamlined processes, from staff scheduling to inventory management. Ultimately, Icreon’s unified platform for XpresSpa has solved what was once an unachievable goal for airport vendors by providing an advanced algorithm that’s changed the game.

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