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With a variety of mediums and channels to compete for user's attentions, it's become even more important for entertainment companies to deliver relevant and powerful digital customer experiences.

Embrace the Future with Digital Transformation

"73% of media and entertainment professionals say their companies have added a new revenue stream with digital adoption." - Salesforce

For the E&M industry, there arise several challenges like fragmentation, monetization, adopting technological changes, etc. A report by Salesforce highlights that by embracing digital technologies and implementing digital strategies, entertainment companies can improve operational efficiency, enhance customer experience, and tap into new revenue streams.


If you’re also looking to revamp your traditional business model, collaborating with the right technology partner is key to success. Icreon has been a leading digital transformation partner for multiple clients worldwide for over 20 years. We bring you strategy, technology, and innovative data solutions to deal with business challenges and competition - irrespective of your industry and clientele.

Digital Transformation

Entertainment Industry Expertise

Icreon leverages the latest technology and tools to help entertainment companies to reach new audiences, engage with existing fans, and drive revenue growth.

Media and Entertainment Consulting

We help our media & entertainment clients find new ways to connect with their digital audience and harness the technology and tools to transform their business for tomorrow. At Icreon, we start auditing your technology, data, and architecture to understand how to take digital experience to the next level. Our experienced consultants assist you with what tools you need to build, buy or borrow to achieve your digital transformation objectives.

Rich Viewer Experience

Enriching viewers’ experience is the top priority of every entertainment leader. With the shifting of audiences' tastes and behavior, it has become challenging to level up the services. We help media and entertainment companies create compelling audience experiences using AR/VR technologies. Our team set up a robust digital infrastructure to keep track of customer journeys and capture insights from different media touchpoints & data streams like content metadata, demographics, viewership, ads and social media engagement.

Cloud Services for Entertainment

Making a move to the cloud helps entertainment businesses streamline acquisition, storage, management, and optimize delivery of the voluminous syndicated and user generated content. Icreon beings the expertise in cloud readiness, architecture and planning, strategy, and operating model transformation to meet your changing needs, whether it is application modernization or migrating legacy system to the cloud.

Web And Mobile App Development

A diversified digital approach can help the entertainment industry reach mass audiences. The biggest concern remains which platform or technology to target on. We combine our client-centric approach and digital engineering expertise to help you create amazing web and mobile applications that will increase customer engagement and drive revenue for your entertainment business. Our team of experts will work closely with you to create an app that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Immersive Entertainment

Immersive entertainment has successfully paved the way for rich viewer experiences – enhancing the level of engagement and interactivity that was previously unimaginable. We are a global CX development, design, and digital experience agency focused on improving conversion, increasing engagement, and delighting your customers. We apply learning from behavioral science and customer experience data to engineer impactful digital experiences enjoyed by millions of people.

Digital Asset Management

Today industries deal with multiple digital assets that become tough to handle without a centralized system. Icreon helps businesses organize their media assets by providing them with a single platform that can house all types of files, such as images, videos, and audio files. The platform also includes tools that allow clients to store, search, distribute digital assets and manage their workflow and cross-team collaboration more effectively.

Audience and Media Analytics

The entertainment leaders need to leverage its existing customer data better and create 360-degree view of their audiences to understand how they can use this information to drive their business forward. Icreon helps media and entertainment providers build out their audience analytics capabilities by providing insights into consumer behavior across various touchpoints within their ecosystem. This allows them to better understand their audience and create more effective campaigns.

OTT Software Development

For the entertainment industry, OTT platforms are no longer an option but a necessity. Icreon offers a team of highly skilled developers who specialize in OTT software development, which stands for "Over-the-Top" content delivery. Our platforms are designed to deliver any size of streaming content without affecting performance or causing any disruptions to users’ viewing experience. Our developers can also help you build your own OTT platform or integrate your existing OTT platform into your website or app.

Digital Publishing

While shifting from traditional printing processes to digital publishing, there can be a learning curve associated with adopting new technology and software, which can be challenging for many. Icreon’s Digital Publishing Solution helps brands within the media & entertainment industry create, distribute, manage, and sell their content more efficiently. Our media publishing services help companies to make a shift from print to digital medium. Icreon takes care of all the needs of digital publishing such as monetization and content optimization across a wide range of devices.

Media & Entertainment Clients

Adstream (now Extreme Reach)
Enabling Process Efficiency for the Global Entertainment Leader

Adstream (now Extreme Reach) is known for running a distribution system that handles more than 2 million TV distribution each year. They provide their customers with the ability to enter orders to broadcasters, upload files and attach associated metadata for advertising. Adstream was facing challenges regarding publishing their content to social channels and unpublishing them based on expiry dates. They needed a solution that would enable them to publish Adstream Platform Library content to multiple social channels and unpublish them as defined based on usage rights. Icreon worked on building a solution that catered to their challenges, for example - it pulled all the digital assets that are stored in Adstream’s DAM, then they are retrieved and utilized for various APIs to streamline the content publishing across all social channels. Not only this, but it also leverages individual channels’ monetization, tracking, & DRM APIs to send back for analysis.

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