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Icreon partners with healthcare organizations that are deeply committed to providing patient-first experiences. We understand the role healthcare organizations play in adequately serving their extended community - from practitioners and researchers to policy analysts and hospital executives.

With over 20 years of experience, our passion and expertise within the healthcare space runs deep. Our team of digital experts strategize, execute and optimize patient and customer experiences across the digital spectrum in order to maximize engagement. Whether that’s implementing back-office functions to increase efficiency, engaging patients at a pre-diagnosis level, or developing patient-facing applications - we build custom digital solutions that produce better patient outcomes and drive bottom-line efficiencies.

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Healthcare Case Studies


The ability to leverage digital has grown exponentially, allowing a wide range of members within the healthcare industry to increase the quality of patient care for an exploding population. We partner with organizations to help them see how digital can play a role in any part of healthcare - from harnessing data given by healthcare providers and secondary services, to improving the general health of the patient and provide a better quality of care, to reducing the inefficiencies within healthcare business models – we see digital as an enabler of a wider impact within communities.

With well over 20+ years developing digital solutions for the healthcare industry, our consultants carry the ability to solve complex business problems while keeping sight of what’s next. By focusing on patient-driven solutions, Icreon builds tools that enable the wide spectrum of the healthcare industry to better control and better manage patients and the community as a whole.

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