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“92% of health systems prioritize patient satisfaction and engagement as the top outcome of digital transformation, followed by improved care quality.” -Nationwide Survey

Digital Transformation is Paramount

Solving healthcare problems to create a better future

Building a world-class patient experience should be at the forefront of every healthcare system, and today, Icreon is helping to lead this crusade. We know that a personalized healthcare experience contributes to a more positive patient experience. In fact, 92% of health system respondents in a recent nationwide survey identified that their primary goal for digital transformation is, “to improve the patient experience and build on newer forms of care delivery using digital technology.”


From providing personalized digital experiences for your patients to simplifying complex backend systems, we help your patients feel more empowered and give your healthcare workers more time to work on essential tasks through automation. By embracing the latest technologies, we can adapt to a new era of healthcare where patients receive more precise care and providers can be more efficient.  


Digital Solutions

Advanced Digital Healthcare Services

Combining digital strategy with right tech stack implementation to transform healthcare operations and deliver better patient outcomes.

Digital Strategy and Consulting

The digitization of the healthcare industry is just getting started. This new era of healthcare innovation offers organizations the opportunity to improve patient health outcomes, increase efficiency, reduce costs, and drive further collaboration and data analysis. By combining the expertise of Icreon’s dynamic healthcare consulting team, we design a detailed framework to deliver a transformative digital solution for your organization that enhances patient satisfaction and adds business value.  

Digital Transformation for Healthcare

By embracing digital tools and technologies, ongoing communication has been made possible between providers and patients. Overall, this makes it easier for providers to know their patients better and continually adjust their care. Icreon helps healthcare professionals streamline their workflows, reduce costs, and improve patient experiences. Our digital transformation services are inclusive of electronic health records (EHRs), mobile health applications, and data analytics, which can make it much easier for healthcare providers to craft, monitor and adjust patient treatments for maximum effectiveness.

Data & Business Intelligence

Our healthcare data and business intelligence services offer a comprehensive suite of solutions designed to help healthcare organizations improve their decision-making processes, optimize resource allocation, and ultimately enhance patient care. We use data analytics tools to identify trends, patterns, and insights from data that can help in strategic decision-making. We build customizable dashboards, data warehousing, and performance reporting that allow medical personnel to take informed actions.

Patient-Centered Experiences And Engagement 

A healthy patient / provider relationship where healthcare providers effectively communicate with patients, and patients share in making decisions can sometimes be tricky to achieve. At Icreon, we provide a strategic roadmap to help make healthcare organizations more relatable, by combining digital engagement digital engagement solutions and collaboration methods to drive brand value.

Enterprise Architecture Strategy

Implementing an EA strategy is critical for healthcare providers. However, there are certain challenges involved like legacy systems and silos, complex business architecture, limited budgets and resources, etc. Icreon offers you a unified ecosystem that accounts for a business's applications, data, infrastructure & digital product investments according to the digital transformation journey map – enabling your healthcare organization to meet market needs and drive Enterprise-wide Innovation.

Trusted By World's Leading Brands

The Advisory Board Company (ABC) 
Supporting an Enterprise-wide State-of-the-art System Implementation 

Scaling data analytics in the healthcare industry is among the toughest, due to highly complex applications, data privacy, and stringent licensing and regulations. Icreon was challenged to scale action-oriented data for renowned organization, The Advisory Board Company (ABC) to provide a 360-degree view of patient satisfaction rates to help physicians better care for patients. Combining the expertise of our developers, researchers, and analysts with leading technology and an expansive data sphere, Icreon helped ABC build a distinct database-driven solution, allowing them to gain better insight into physician performance and in turn, provide more quality care for patients.  

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