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Prescribing Digital Transformation to Help Life Sciences Companies Maximize Their Potential

Our Digital Transformation and Customer Experience Services cater to various specialties in the Life Sciences Industry. We can help improve efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance patient outcomes, and stand out in a crowded market.

Tackle the challenges head-on

26 of the 30 largest global pharmaceutical companies have anticipated major transformations to achieve long-lasting productivity gains. - McKinsey

To improve patient outcomes and maximize returns, it is urgent to increase productivity. A recent McKinsey report suggests that digital transformations can provide significant benefits to life sciences companies. Currently, 26 out of 30 leading pharma companies are considering restructuring their organizations, improving operations, and streamlining business units through digital transformation to achieve long-lasting productivity gains.


From medical devices to biotech, we offer Digital Transformation Services for a wide range of life sciences companies. Our services can help you make a meaningful impact on patients’ lives and maximize your returns, regardless of your company's specialty. Our services include digital product engineering, AI, analytics, and customer experience strategy and design, which can streamline processes, increase efficiency, reduce costs, improve patient outcomes, and ensure compliance. With our innovative services, you can differentiate your organization in a crowded market and thrive in the competitive life sciences industry.


Life Sciences Expertise

Revolutionizing Life Sciences through Digital Transformation

Unlock sustainable growth in Life Sciences with cross-industry insights and domain expertise. We modernize your core systems with automation, Cloud, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) led solutions – driving digital transformation without disruption.

Supply Chain Strategy And Management

Supply chain management for life science organizations is critical not only for improving shareholder value but also for advancing sales channels and achieving faster time-to-market. Transition to an advanced manufacturing model and streamline your supply chain management with our innovative web-based solutions. Achieve better visibility into the processes and respond quickly to market demands and regulatory changes with real-time monitoring and data analysis. Let us help you achieve your goals and stay ahead of the competition in the fast-paced life sciences industry.

Technology Advisory And Consulting Services

The technology advisory & consulting helps life sciences organizations to navigate through the industry's disrupting factors that are causing a paradigm shift. We help executives in MedTech and pharmaceutical domains assess their imperatives, define future-proof strategies, build intelligent product roadmaps, and provide personalized, actionable plans for the rapid execution of your ideas by leveraging our winning framework.

Cloud Engineering for Life Sciences

The challenges of cloud engineering for life sciences include managing complex data sets, ensuring data security and privacy, and maintaining regulatory compliance. Tackle them with unique and improved ways to unlock your data, increase engagement, improve collaboration, and redefine your business with the power of the most value-creating technologies - cloud engineering. Our cloud-first solutions cater to your business's unique needs with a special focus on cost-effectiveness, scalability, and reusability.

Enterprise IT Automation And Architecture Strategy

Selecting appropriate technologies, ensuring scalability, and aligning technology with business goals for life science can become difficult without a proper strategy. With us, you can build a robust foundation with IT technology and systems that deliver measurable benefits and results. Icreon works with the leaders in pharma and MedTech to recalibrate enterprises using patient-centric IT automation processes and insights. Combining industry experience, we help our clients tap into their brand's limitless potential to optimize their processes.

Accelerate Biomedical Workloads with Data Intelligence

Managing biomedical workloads with data intelligence requires effective data management, analysis, and visualization tools to ensure accuracy, reliability, and timely insights. At Icreon, we’re helping clients do just that by combining analytics solutions with a blend of human intelligence and AI to transform data into actionable insights. Life science enterprises that utilize AI-enabled technologies and data intelligence across the value chain will likely receive a competitive advantage over their peers.

Digitizing Commercial Model

Digitizing commercial models for the life sciences industry is difficult as it requires a deep analysis and understanding of the pros and cons of integrating new technologies with existing systems. We design a detailed framework to understand the progress of a business journey, past, present, and future. Based on underlying technology, infrastructure, and operational requirements, Icreon digitize the commercial model to capture new market, ensure a compliant increase in production and streamline the supply chain management – bringing agility, efficiency, and profitability.

Life Sciences Clients

The Advisory Board company (ABC)
Supporting an Enterprise-wide State-of-the-art System Implementation

The Advisory Board Company (ABC) is known for helping future healthcare leaders to work smarter and faster with insightful information, actionable strategies, and practical tools to support execution. Today, ABC is renowned for its enterprise hospital administration software, named Crimson. It helps track, evaluate, and generate insights from patient and doctor interactions. However, the Advisory Board Company wanted to scale it up even more by making it easier for healthcare providers to access critical and relevant data from anywhere. They were looking for a solution that could deliver a holistic 360-degree view of doctors’ performance on essential factors such as critical skills, utilization measures, order sets, and patient satisfaction rates. Icreon helped ABC build a solution that enabled them to receive significant insights into physician performance and cost of care outcomes.

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