Transforming Members into Ambassadors

How Associations can pivot for growth through the power of digital

Jul 05, 2022
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Future proof your Associations business for 2022 & beyond by embracing digital transformation. By understanding the limitations of traditional growth patterns, Associations Leaders have established a modern approach to growth, membership, and business model development. 

This whitepaper is for the business leaders of mid-to-large-sized Associations, Non-profits, and Membership industries looking to lead their organizations into the future, confidently and intentionally. The paper details the evolution of membership and how moving the Affinity Curve requires a modern approach.   

Download the whitepaper to start your leadership journey - and fully embrace digital transformation for growth. You’ll learn to design a framework for your organization to successfully pivot for growth by making long-lasting structural changes for a membership-first strategy through digital. 

What’s Inside

  • Insights into the changing landscape for membership-driven organizations

  • Learn how digital can help overcome both internal and external challenges to create competitive and complimentary advantages. Customer experience action plan from Industry Leaders

  • Understand ‘Promotion Criticality’ for evaluating the relative importance of stakeholder relationships, which, in turn, can be used to define a detailed roadmap for Digital Transformation. 

  • A detailed process to get to What’s Next, first

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