Welcoming Mike Casey as the new SVP of Solutions

In our commitment to constantly drive growth and efficiencies for clients, we are excited to announce the newest addition to our leadership team - Mike Casey, as SVP of Solutions. Mike will play a key role in enabling our clients to confidently navigate a complex technology landscape and making our digital solutions even more omnichannel and customer-centric.

For over the last 25 years, Mike has been a driving force in the technological evolution of customer experience – from content management systems to the rise of digital experience platforms (DXP); from campaign management to more complex marketing automation; from siloed and focused single-channel tools to true omnichannel journey orchestration. Mike brings decades of experience working with key industry-leading platforms such as Sitecore, Salesforce and, the journey orchestration platform, Thunderhead ONE. Mike's expertise spans across many different industries. He has helped enterprise clients across financial services, hospitality, telecom, life sciences, and retail to realize their customer engagement goals and drive value consistently and concurrently between brand and customer.

“Mike brings the experience and mindset we need to fully realize our orchestrated customer experience practice for our clients. We believe the future of customer experience isn’t found in a single technology, rather an approach to use multiple technologies in an orchestrated manner that connects more closely with customers. Mike’s extensive and expansive background along with his relationships with industry-leading platforms gives us this expertise.”

Himanshu Sareen, CEO and Founder of Icreon.

Over the last couple of decades, businesses, large or small, had to constantly adapt to an increasingly digital world – only to be accelerated since the COVID-19 outbreak.

- Auto brands are racing for touchless buying experiences.
- Restaurants and grocery stores have not just embraced the on-demand delivery model but also rethinking their physical presence.
- Luxury brands have driven deeper into E-commerce.
- Retail brands have had to rethink their business and distribution model.

Since the pandemic, almost every industry has had to reckon with what it means to be digital and truly omnichannel. Unquestionably, to succeed in today's world, brands cannot just adopt digital; they must become digital. While the digital transformation can seem overwhelming at first, we, at ICREON, work with our clients in a more evolutionary and measured way.

The challenge is, brands adopt new technologies and products without a cohesive view of the customer experience journey. Brands begin their digital transformation journey with the siloed goals of - getting closer to the customer, driving sales, engaging with employees, or running a more efficient business. In most scenarios, technology drives the strategy, not the other way around, creating poor customer experiences.

This digital transformation in a cohesive customer experience orchestration is the skillset that Mike adds to the Icreon team. He masters the art of bringing together business strategy with the technologies and products needed to succeed a business – stitching together the systems and tools and people and processes on behalf of our clients' customers' experiences.