Personalization Without Borders: Scaling Digital Experiences Across Industries

The digital experience is a shining example of how designs, developers and digital strategists can go beyond the ordinary and deliver an exceptional user experience. It's a digital experience that is both visually stunning and intelligently designed, and it's packed with features that keep guests coming back for more. We believe that Mille Lacs Grand Casino digital experience is a worthy contender for a Webby Award, and we encourage you to experience it for yourself.


MLCV's Tech-Powered Personalization

Beyond Visuals

This digital experience transcends mere visual appeal. It's a hub of innovation that scales personalization to a new level. From restaurants, retail, and resorts to events and sports activities, and even catering to various casino gaming styles, this digital experience acts as a unifying thread, weaving the distinct business units of Milli Lacs Corporate Ventures (MLCV) into a personalized haven for every visitor.


Personalized player portals curate entertaining gaming experiences across a wide range of players and gaming options. Intelligently designed customer profile engines provide unique recommendations for dining, shopping, sports, resort stays, and a variety of entertainment based on historic customer data and customer selected preferences.


Powering this seamless experience is an integrated suite of cutting-edge technologies, including Sitecore XM Cloud, Salesforce, Agilisys, and player management systems. These tools work in concert to capture, analyze, and leverage customer data, delivering a consistently personalized journey across MLCV's diverse offerings. Imagine seamlessly transitioning from a smooth resort check-in to an exhilarating round of golf to a gourmet dinner reservation, ending with an evening concert based on your preferences, all orchestrated by this intuitive platform.


This innovative approach elevates the customer experience to new heights. Icreon has created a personalized gateway to endless possibilities of fun, ensuring every MLCV visitor feels valued, understood, and ultimately, delighted.

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We understand the nuances of Sitecore's diverse offering. We have expertise in both Sitecore's Composable DXP and Integrated DXP, from CMS to Commerce to Marketing Automation & Personalization. From experience design and digital commerce strategies, to implementing personalized experiences at scale, we will ensure your Sitecore experience delivers immersive and impactful customer-centric experiences that drive revenue and meets your growing needs.


We provide strategic planning and development services, as well as ongoing support, integrations, and maintenance, to ensure that your get the greatest ROI on your Sitecore investment. Additionally, we provide training and knowledge transfer to help you understand Sitecore's features and capabilities and how to leverage them to achieve your business goals.

Featured Client: NYRR
The SEA Award Winner: New York Road Runners

We worked with New York Road Runners, the organization that conducts the world's largest marathon - the New York City Marathon. Leveraging Sitecore Experience Manager, we created personalized digital experiences to ultimately establish meaningful relationships with each member of the running community. Additionally, the new enterprise application analyzes customer sentiments and builds unique products in the marathon space.

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Featured Client: NYRR