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Transforming Members into Ambassadors through the power of Digital

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This whitepaper describes the changing landscape of member-driven associations, the challenges they’re facing both internally and externally, and why it’s critically important to continually strengthen member and customer relationships, as measured through the lens of member affinity. We point out the limitations associated with traditional approaches to digital transformation and propose a new metric – Promotion Criticality – for evaluating the relative importance of stakeholder relationships, and which can be used to help define the vision for Digital Transformation at your organization.

Brand and retail leaders must continually incorporate What’s Next to ensure ongoing relevance and keep business thriving. Digital transformation is a foundational requirement, and developing agile business behaviors is a critical success factor.

This whitepaper uncovers how retailers are converting pandemic-driven challenges into opportunities — taking advantage of the tectonic shifts underway in the broader world of commerce.

Who is this whitepaper for?

This whitepaper is primarily meant for the senior management & C-level executives of mid-to-large sized associations and non-profits (typically defined between $20-$250M in annual revenue and staff of 50-1000 personnel). The whitepaper provides a framework for understanding how associations and non-profits can apply the concept of digital transformation to build engagement and value for members, constituents, and affiliates.

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