“In the past five years of my career, Icreon has taught me that reinvention isn’t always about taking the biggest and boldest steps. "


Meet Niyati

The theater-loving Product Manager

People often ask me what a product manager does. Is it the same thing as a project manager? How do you manage a digital product? And why is it important? Given that we work in consulting, my answer is simple: as a product manager I solve challenges that clients & businesses present to our team. From conceptualizing new digital products, conducting market research, meeting with focus groups to distill information or identifying product pain points – I do it all. Solutions are wide-ranging, from identifying change management plans to synthesizing new products to designing new interfaces that help companies prosper.


I started with Icreon fresh out of business school. I was fortunate enough to rotate through multiple roles within the companyundoubtedly this helped me find my niche in product management. Given Icreon works in several verticals, I’ve had the chance to learn a number of different industries inside-and-out


In the past five years of my career, Icreon has taught me that reinvention isn’t always about taking the biggest and boldest steps. Sometimes, it’s finding the small, hidden opportunities to grow one’s team, department & organization. Coincidentally, this principle applies to personal aspirations just as much as professional ones. 

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