“To say that I’ve evolved as a professional is an understatement! "


Meet Sachi

The extra-personable Development Manager

Before I talk about what I do, it’s important to talk about who I am. First and foremost, I’m a proud mother to a wonderful daughter. Early on as a new mom, I remember being concerned about juggling the responsibilities of both parent and professional. Icreon was supportive enough to allow me to work from home for over a year. In India, this is basically unheard of, and gave me an opportunity to grow my career without sacrificing my familial needs. 


This type of incredible flexibility has allowed me to evolve my career organically. I started my career in 2007 as a software engineer. This eventually progressed into being a technical lead and most recently, I’ve moved into development management. To round out my capabilities, Icreon supported me as I obtained my PMP and SAFe certifications. While these are typically project management-oriented training paths, the organization has supported my desire to round-out my capabilities.


To say that I’ve evolved as a professional is an understatement! Along the same vein, Icreon as an agency has evolved so much since I’ve been here – from the technologies to the processes to the work culture. It’s safe to say we’ve been maturing together

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