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When the world is changing, iterating, and innovating constantly, not changing quickly enough widens the gap between those who lead and those who follow. It’s a condition many challengers recognize: the moment is now, never later.


97% client retention means never letting a client down, whether you’re helping them withstand change or taking control of it.

We are 350+ technology experts, engineers, designers, strategists, and consultants in six offices around the globe. And for 22+ years we’ve been a critical partner to clients moving rapidly through digital transformation. Our success record has been built by continually helping clients improve business operations and speed through technology and infrastructure. Whether you’re withstanding change or taking control of it, technology that’s ‘just ok’ will never do.

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“I was impressed with their detailed approach. ICERON is an amazing team! We have seen increases in the numbers of leads and our sales our peaking to new levels. We had a great experience working with them and will continue use them again for future projects.”

– Sara Garmezy, Johnson Controls Marketing

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why Choose Icreon as your Software Development agency?

    Icreon is a software development company that provides customized, high-quality, future-proof digital solutions for fortune 500 companies and world-class brands. We provide cutting-edge product engineering, software development, web & mobile app development, IoT-connected solutions, and emerging technology development services.

    All our developers are well-trained and certified professionals who work on agile methodologies and use the latest technologies, practices, and tools. Our team has extensive experience working on complex projects that range from mobile apps to eCommerce websites that require API integration, CMS systems, Payment API Integration, Shipping APIs, and other cloud-based APIs.

    We work closely with our clients to understand their business goals, needs, and challenges before designing a custom solution to help them achieve their desired results. Our goal is not just to build software but to build relationships with our clients so that we can continue to provide valuable advice and support long after the project is complete.

    We combine expertise with innovation to deliver better outcomes for our customers. Our focus on customer satisfaction makes us one of the most preferred software development companies globally.
  • Which software stack is right for my organization?

    The answer depends on your goals, resources, and other factors. It’s important to consider what you want your software stack to do and how much time you have to build it.

    The most common way to get started is to choose one framework that fits into your stack. For example, if you want a web application for your business, then the most popular frameworks are Django and Rails. These frameworks have their own ecosystem of libraries that can be used to build your applications quickly.

    There are many ways to build a software stack, but two common ones are monolithic and microservices. If you have an existing application, you might choose to keep it in a monolithic structure. But microservices architecture may make more sense if you’re starting from scratch.

    When considering the right stack for your organization, there are three main factors to consider:

    Technical requirements: What does your organization need to be able to do? Do you need to support a large number of concurrent users? Are there any security or compliance requirements that must be met?

    Cost: How much does it cost to purchase or maintain this solution? Are there any long-term costs associated with upgrading software or migrating data?

    Ease of use: How easy is it for your employees (or customers) to use this solution? Do they have access to training resources if they need them?

    Some organizations will have only one or two applications that need to be supported by their IT department, while others might require dozens of applications. Whatever your needs are, there’s likely a solution out there that can meet them.

    Every organization has different needs, and every business is different. The software stack that works for one company may not be the best choice for another.
  • How Much Does Custom Software Development Cost?

    Many factors determine how much custom software will cost. The most important is the complexity of your project. If you need to develop complex software, it will cost more than developing a simple one.

    The second factor is the size of your business. Large corporations have more assets than small businesses, so they are more likely to be targeted by criminals for theft or vandalism. Larger enterprises will usually receive higher rates because of this increased risk factor, but it does not mean that all large companies pay more for insurance than small ones.

    Building a product from scratch means customizing every feature and function to meet your company’s needs. That can mean adding or removing features, reworking UX design, or rewriting code from scratch — all of which takes time and effort.

    If you have an existing product that needs some tweaks or updates, you’ll still have to budget for new development work beyond just bug fixes because everything has to be customized.

    The third factor is if your company already has an existing application or not. If it already exists, we can integrate with it and improve upon it instead of starting from scratch.

    This will save you money on development costs as well as time spent developing the application from scratch, which can take up to six months or longer depending on the complexity of your project and the skillset required for development (if you don’t have any developers in-house).

    Finally, there are other factors like maintenance fees and support costs that are usually included in any custom software development agreement so that you don’t have to worry about them after we deliver the product to you.