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What We Do

At Icreon, we have a deep understanding of education professional associations and the ecosystem of their members. We know that members have unique needs that further evolve during unprecedented times — like the current shift to virtual and digital education.

As an association-focused digital transformation partner, we know that the best way to confront the changing needs of education professional associations and its members is to analyze, interpret, and execute the right data.

We combine technology and data to deliver meaningful digital solutions: from product strategy and user experience design to application engineering and data consolidation.

We are agile, member-centered, and poised to deliver on key association objectives through advanced technology and analytics.

Our Top Solutions for Education Associations

  • Web Development - Our team of thinkers and doers create comprehensive digital experiences that put the member’s user experience at the forefront of our web design discovery process.
  • Digital Strategy - We identify and develop the most optimal digital roadmap to give associations the tools to attract, retain, and engage their members throughout the lifecycle.
  • Data Analytics + Consolidation - We help education-based associations better understand and manage their data to create experiences that better serve their members, today and tomorrow.
  • Machine Learning - We emphasize utilizing automation and machine learning to improve efficiency and maximize members’ lifetime value.

Prioritizing a Members-First Digital Experience

Complex organizations deserve simple, thoughtful digital experiences. Our work with professional associations, regardless of size or industry, has always revolved around finding innovative ways to improve the member experience and help drive the mission forward.

While we are design-centric, we are also data-driven. We take the challenges and needs of member personas and prioritize them throughout the entire process. Whether it’s thoughtfully architecting web navigation that is seamless and effective or working with associations to provide content layouts that are supported by even the toughest search algorithms, our cross-functional teams make sure members have an experience that is meaningful.

Is Your Association in Need of Digital Transformation?

We can deliver a digital experience that addresses the needs of your members, no matter how complex they may be.

Our Experience

Fordham University - Enhancing the student experience throughout the entire lifecycle by building an analytics framework & data strategy

New York University - A suite of mobile applications built to streamline the existing student information system and provide a more seamless class registration process for students

ASTM International - building digital products that enable & empower a member-based community in a way that's fast, scalable & future-proof

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