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Transforming Local Government Agencies Through Digital Solutions

We partner with local government agencies by helping build out custom digital solutions that transform their daily operations and transform their web presence.

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What We Do

At Icreon, we bring over 20 years of helping growth-oriented organisations adopt the latest processes, technologies and platforms to enable high-end operational efficiency and organisational growth. As a digital transformation agency, our experience is defined by developing and building digital solutions that dramatically improve operational workflow and an organisation’s digital presence.

Local governing agencies are oftentimes in need of digital transformation – whether it consists of custom-built web portals to data analytics platforms to in-depth website redesigns, local councils are prime candidates to embrace digital change that radically improves operations and fosters an enhanced digital presence.

Innovation is at the heart of what we do. We constantly find new ways to address the needs of IT and marketing teams, which is why companies like British Telecom and NHS partner with us.

Our Proven Solutions to Improve Operations and Website Initiatives

Custom Web Portal Development - From commerce to corporate, we strategise, develop, and optimise your custom web portal to improve the relationship and reach between all stakeholders within your organisation.

Legacy System Migration – To better optimise for growth, we help IT leaders migrate legacy systems to the cloud.

Web Design – Whether it’s to communicate consistent messaging, modernise the look and feel of your front-facing website, or implementing smart search to access thousands of articles, web development and site redesigns are crucial to the growth of the organisation.

Business Intelligence Tools and Solutions - With strategic implementation, we help borough councils make the most out of BI tools to put the right data at their fingertips, drive actionable insights and reduce cost while increasing efficiency.

Data & Analytics - We build the infrastructure to better store and manage data in a centralised location, so senior leadership can turn varied data into insights and actions.

Process Automation & Machine Learning - We help organisations achieve operational efficiency by intelligently automating internal processes.

Helping Local Government Agencies Gauge Modern Operations Maturity

Growth-oriented councils must seamlessly manage their operations for sustainable growth and efficiency. Transform your operations and give your website a facelift by collaborating with our team of engineers and expert web designers today.


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