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Our Work in Web Development

Our web design and development practice forms a cornerstone of our business. We use the latest in web technology to build scalable, enterprise-grade web solutions that stand up to rigorous use across a variety of verticals.

Typically, we work with mid-market businesses to create customized web solutions tailored to their business model. The end product of our engagements may vary - from sophisticated web applications to robust enterprise-grade websites – but the common goal of any project is to provide powerful experiences to stakeholders by utilizing the web.

Our Web Design & Development Solutions

  • Website Design - Our award-winning team of web designers work with you to strategize, execute and optimize existing websites, or rethink UI/UX to build a brand new website
  • Web Development - We build customized web solutions in the form of web applications & web portals to help businesses run more efficiently by utilizing the power of the web
  • Ecommerce Development- Whether you're selling to businesses or consumers, we leverage the web and mobile to build robust eCommerce platforms that are tailored the customer, and create seamless paths towards completing purchases
  • CMS Development - We build enterprise-grade content management systems (CMSs) using platfomrs like WordPress and Drupal to help you manage everything from public-facing sites, to your internal, mission critical web applications

Our Approach to Web Development

The future of web design and development lies in the ability to create a more compelling customer experience. We hear that phrase 'customer experience' all the time in today's digital world, but the question is what does it truly mean? In addition, when we talk customer experience, are we also talking about how to augment the employee experience, the stakeholder experience, the donor experience, or any other fill-in-the-blank experience?

We tactically define how to augment customer experience through the use of two key principles: personalization & intelligence. We zone in on creating personalized experiences that treat our audiences as if we were talking to them specifically. And we continuously infuse intelligence into CX by evaluating and utilizing the latest tools available in artificial intelligence and machine learning so that our experiences can respond back to customers naturally, whether it's through a site, a voice conversation a mixed-reality experience or otherwise.

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