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At Icreon, we provide expert IT consulting services to craft innovative strategies that enhance business efficiency and optimize profitability. Our consultants and engineers cover all aspects of IT, delivering meaningful outcomes through digital transformation consulting, software modernization, custom development, cloud enablement, and more.

We've helped global clients, including Fordham and Amdocs, resolve critical IT challenges and prepare for future growth. Our flexible approach allows us to tailor solutions to your specific business and IT objectives, ensuring your success in the digital age. Whether you need cloud security and data migration, managed services, or ongoing business optimization, Icreon is your trusted partner.

IT Consulting Services

Trusted by the world's leading brands

"The results of Icreon's initial assessment findings led to a strong plan. They worked seamlessly with our internal engineering team. They treated us like family."Ross Goldenberg, Co-Founder at SiteCompli

Featured Success Story: Unique Sports Management
Creating an IT Strategy to Improve Process Efficiency

Icreon collaborated with Unique Sports Management, a premier football talent agency dedicated to bringing top-tier players to the UK, to develop a strategic IT solution. By building a robust framework, Icreon streamlined processes and consolidated all player information into a centralized database. Discover how this transformation has empowered Unique Sports Management to operate with greater efficiency and speed.

Read the full case study here


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IT Consulting FAQs

  • What should you look for when hiring an IT consulting company?

    When hiring an IT consulting company, you need to consider some key factors including:

    - Expertise and Experience: Look for relevant certifications, experience with your industry and
    technology needs, and a strong track record of delivering projects successfully.

    - Communication and Cultural Fit: Choose a company that communicates clearly, understands
    your company culture, and can collaborate effectively with your team.

    - Cost and Value: Compare quotes from multiple vendors, but consider not just cost, but also the
    value they bring (increased efficiency, cost savings, improved ROI).

    - Innovation: You need to choose a company which stays up to date with the latest technological

    These factors will help you choose a consulting firm that can effectively drive your business growth and
    digital transformation.
  • How can an IT consultant help your business?

    An IT consultant can significantly enhance your business by developing a comprehensive technology strategy that aligns with your goals. They help

    - identify and implement cost-effective solutions, streamlining operations through advanced technology integration.

    - enhancing cybersecurity measures, they protect your data and systems from potential threats.

    IT consultants provide scalable solutions to support business growth and expansion, offer expert troubleshooting for IT issues, and introduce innovative technologies to maintain a competitive edge.

    Additionally, they train your staff in new systems and best practices, maximizing productivity. Overall, leveraging an IT consultant's expertise improves efficiency, reduces costs, and drives innovation, leading to better business performance.
  • What are the benefits of hiring an IT consulting company?

    Struggling to keep pace with the ever-evolving IT landscape? IT consultants are your secret weapon.

    - Bridge the expertise gap,

    - Offer specialized skills to tackle complex projects or niche needs. Their problem-solving prowess minimizes downtime, while process optimization boosts efficiency and cuts costs. Consultants don't just fix problems, they future proof your business.

    By aligning IT with your goals, they unlock new opportunities and propel you towards digital transformation. Invest in an IT consultant – it's the smartest path to a competitive edge.
  • How long will it take to get set up with IT consulting services?

    The timeframe depends on your project's scope. Simple consultations can be quick (a day or two). A full needs assessment and project implementation may take weeks or months. Communicate your goals clearly – consultants can tailor their approach to fit your specific timeline.
  • Is IT consulting within my budget?

    Absolutely! IT consulting services are designed to be accessible for businesses of all sizes and budgets.
    Here's why:

    - Flexible Engagement: We offer a variety of engagement models (hourly, fixed fee, projectbased) to fit your specific needs and budget constraints.

    - Targeted Solutions: You don't need to pay for a full overhaul. We can focus on specific areas for immediate impact, maximizing your return on investment.

    - Scalability: Our services can be scaled up or down as your needs evolve, ensuring you only pay for what you need.

    Let's Talk! Schedule a free consultation to discuss your unique goals and budget. We'll create a customized plan that delivers maximum value for your business.
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