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We craft seamless omnichannel store shopper journeys, delivering immersive experiences that drive faster and larger instore sales. Leverage our strategic insights, deep commerce expertise, and proven methodologies to drive growth faster.

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Omnichannel Commerce

We understand the importance of embracing a comprehensive omnichannel approach to meet your complex ecommerce needs based on your organization’s digital maturity. From up-front strategy and initial implementation to ongoing managed services, we bridge this gap, ensuring a unified, efficient retail ecosystem that caters to the evolving needs of today's dynamic consumers. One of our core competencies lies in building and enhancing digital commerce platforms, proving value faster via our proof of concept to production methodology.

Omnichannel Commerce Services

Enterprise Architecture Strategy

Our expert architects craft a future-proof, omnichannel foundation that empowers your brand for increased profits and growth. We help you align your architecture with your specific business goals, identify key customer touchpoints, provide technology infrastructure to support omnichannel demands, and optimize data flow and management across all channels. This unified architecture empowers you to manage data effortlessly, delivering a cohesive customer experience across all touchpoints.

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Order Management

Our team of omnichannel retail experts excels in meticulous implementation of order management solutions. From system integration to customization, our implementation process is geared toward enhancing your retail operations. As a trusted digital commerce company, we help retailers efficiently manage orders across different channels, scale and automate order fulfillment.

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Ongoing Business Optimization

Don't let ongoing management distract you from innovation. We provide continuous support, measurement, reporting, and proactive enhancements to ensure your platform stays optimized and delivers ongoing value. Through data-driven insights and regular monitoring, we identify opportunities for improvement, maximizing your return on investment (ROI) over time.

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Try before you buy with a true proof of concept in our fully integrated sandboxes pre-loaded with our family of modular, composable technology partners including commercetools, Algolia, Cloudinary, Bloomreach, Contentstack and many more. Experience for yourself how your business model works with the leading technology platforms.  

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Melissa Shoes
Enhanced Omnichannel Experiences Through Retail Transformation

Melissa Shoes faced operational challenges due to an inefficient internal system, causing duplicated work and errors. Icreon developed an enterprise-scale retail management system, automating processes and connecting multiple systems. This transformative solution streamlined operations, allowing centralized planning, forecasting, and retail order tracking, resulting in enhanced efficiency, accuracy, and a competitive edge for Melissa Shoes across 80 countries.
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