Unlocking Customer Experience Innovation Using AWS

Jan 05 2023

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Modernizing Customer Experience with Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Customer experience has been transformed in recent years, and much of the progress is technology driven. Today, nothing matters more than how a customer values your brand relationship with them. Customer expectations have increased, and customer experience platforms have picked up the pace to meet the growing challenges of data-driven personalization.

A survey from Salesforce states that 72% of customers and 89% of business buyers want enterprises to anticipate their unique needs, and 66% of consumers are likely to switch brands if they are treated like a number.

Solutions enabled by Amazon Web Services (AWS) can help organizations to pick up the pace of personalization that can capture the attention of customers and convert them eventually into buyers. There are distinct benefits of AWS to customer-facing businesses that want to take their CX performance to new levels.

An Overview of AWS

AWS began offering cloud computing services in 2006. Today, hundreds of thousands of businesses rely on AWS. The service allows businesses to use AWS's IT infrastructure rather than building and maintaining their own. It also provides pay-as-you-go pricing, enabling businesses to pay for only their services. For instance, a company that uses AWS's storage service would pay per gigabyte stored. Rather than paying a flat fee based on projected storage needs, the business pays for what it uses, helping it become more scalable and adaptable by allowing for shifting storage requirements.

AWS has a multitude of useful features, and it stands as a game-changer in digital transformation and CX journey of enterprises. The AWS hybrid cloud platform, equipped with the latest artificial intelligence and machine learning technology, comes with innovative solutions.

Moreover, AWS Digital Customer Experience (DCX) Competency provides capabilities like storage, advanced analytics, availability, decision-making, and infrastructure to maximize customer data, which is the most valuable asset. It has four different competency categories, including:

  • Content Management refers to the creation and delivery of content and the analysis of content performance. Cloud-based tools make it easy to create customized experiences for the user.
  • Digital Commerce facilitates selling products online via inventory management, shopping carts, and payment systems. Businesses can sell products across channels while maintaining compliance with security and accessibility regulations.
  • Marketing Automation, which automates various steps in the customer journey to help attract and retain consumers. For example, suppose a shopper added an item to their cart and did not make a purchase. In that case, the business may automatically schedule a reminder email or discount offer to be sent a few days later.
  • Customer 360 provides a comprehensive view of customers based on data from multiple channels. With this view, businesses can learn how to meet consumer needs better.

AWS offers powerful tools for improving customer experience. From personalized content to secure digital commerce, AWS addresses common pain points in the customer journey and offers practical solutions. 

Improve Customer Interaction and Experience with AWS

Undoubtedly, the last two years have changed how we live, work, engage with each other, and communicate with our customers. During these unpredictable times, it can be challenging to deliver a consistent CX. There are many factors critically affecting such engagement. More than ever, enterprises today need to look closely at their service approach.

Icreon and AWS work together to allow enterprises to drive value through impeccable customer experience. Icreon's dynamic delivery network and the scalable AWS cloud make it easier to collaborate and deliver superior solutions to today's challenges.

Key Benefits of AWS

AWS is used by over a million customers, including noted brands like Netflix, Disney, Twitter, and Samsung. It provides solutions for large and small businesses, focusing on security and reliability. The following list details some of the ways AWS can benefit your organization:

  • Enable seamless remote working: AWS offers browser-based agent desktop/softphone capabilities that are not tied to physical devices and allow secure login from anywhere.
  • Save up to 80% over traditional contact center solutions: Pay only for the time spent interacting with customers, plus any associated telephone and messaging charges.
  • Quickly scale up or down to meet unpredictable demand: Onboard tens of thousands of agents who can access Amazon Connect from anywhere securely and reliably.
  • Rely on a single service with a global scale: AWS Cloud's highly scalable, low-latency, globally distributed architecture sends messages to customers anywhere, through multiple channels.
  • Get real-time insights: AWS provides real-time data to quickly provide customers with a better engagement experience and deliver on-demand messages.
  • Set up a contact center with minimal effort: It takes only a few clicks to set up an omnichannel contact center.
  • Better Identity and Access Management: Control which personnel can access various systems across AWS.
  • Robust AWS Security: Amazon's comprehensive security practices offer enhanced protection for your data while at the same time lowering costs by reducing how much cyber security you need to provide.
  • Best-In-Class Agile Cloud Strategy: Ensure the success of your cloud transformation with an iterative approach.

AWS is a reliable and secure option for cloud computing, with a range of features suited to your company's needs. Based on its many advantages, it has become the most popular cloud platform. It is highly scalable, which prevents downtime, and highly secure, which keeps customers' data safe. These factors significantly impact customer experience, showing the value AWS has for improving CX.

Success Stories with AWS

The Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) is a UK organization that issues cards to construction workers to prove their skillset and qualify them for different jobs. CSCS used to require that customers send a physical application in the mail, which resulted in long processing times. With the help of Icreon, CSCS underwent a digital transformation, migrating its data to AWS. Customers could now apply for cards from their computers, phones, and tablets. The shift also drastically improved processing time, reducing it from 21 days to three. AWS allowed CSCS to serve the needs of its customers better.

Another example is ASTM International which has significantly benefited from implementing the AWS solution. Formerly known as the American Society for Testing and Materials, ASTM International is renowned for developing and publishing voluntary consensus technical standards for various materials, products, systems, and services.

Prior to this, ASTM was seeking digital transformation to empower itself as fast and scalable. After reevaluating the present scenario, a successful change happened through AWS for future impact in providing a seamless customer journey and experience. With Icreon, ASTM reshaped its business model to leverage industry success.

Raising the Bar on Customer Experience

The new levels of hyper-personalization and customer experience are some of the crucial elements that intensify today's cutthroat competition. The companies that provide impeccable digital experiences set a very high bar for other companies to compete with. However, by taking advantage of sophisticated technologies like AWS, enterprises can be in a position to create exceptional experiences for their customers.

Icreon's solutions on AWS Cloud allow bold startups, mid-market companies, and enterprises to operate from the cloud. The following vital solutions assist enterprises:

  • Data Migration and Strategy Consulting
  • Data Optimization
  • Data Modernization

With these dynamic services, businesses can unlock AWS's power and its many benefits.

Getting started with AWS can be complicated. We can help you put these nuances into context. Learn more about Icreon’s Technology Partner solutions.