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At Icreon, we provide end-to-end ecommerce development services to meet your complex ecommerce needs. Embark on a digital commerce transformation journey.


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As a leading digital experience agency, we design commerce solutions based on your organization’s digital maturity. We help unify your customer experience and accelerate growth with an omnichannel digital presence that is built upon digital roadmaps, customized in-store solutions, API integrations, and more.


We apply learning from behavioral science and customer experience data to engineer impactful digital products enjoyed by millions of people.

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“We judged Icreon’s performance based on the sales we saw. On that metric, we proved successfully that the work Icreon did outperformed our expectations.” Greg Bouris, VP of Marketing at General Tools

Featured Success Story: Melissa Shoes
Modernizing Ecommerce Store for Improved CX & Better Results

Melissa Shoes, a footwear company with a global presence in 70+ countries, creates cruelty-free and 100% recyclable products. Their main goal was to modernize their e-commerce platform as they were facing challenges with their existing system.

Icreon worked on building a scalable enterprise-scale retail management solution that modernized the whole e-commerce experience, streamlined operations, inventory records from stores, and provided a contemporary search experience. Explore in details here.


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Enterprise eCommerce Solutions FAQs

  • What is an Enterprise eCommerce Solution?

    Enterprise eCommerce solutions are software packages that can be customized to meet an organization's specific needs. They offer a wide range of functionality and can be used to manage sales, inventory, and order management in an enterprise environment.

    An enterprise eCommerce solution will typically include order management, inventory management, product catalogs, shopping carts, and shipping options. These systems can also integrate with other systems within an organization, such as accounting applications or ERP systems.
  • How quickly can I see results with an enterprise eCommerce solution?

    Enterprise eCommerce solutions are complex, and there's no way to guarantee that you'll be able to see results quickly. Most eCommerce solutions are designed to scale your business so that you won’t see results immediately. Some platforms are better than others, and some have more specific use cases.

    If you’re already generating significant revenue from your website, the big benefit of using an enterprise eCommerce solution is that it can help you maximize that revenue by enabling you to improve your website’s conversion rates and increase customer satisfaction.
  • How important is an Enterprise-level solutions API?

    An API (or application programming interface) is a set of routines, protocols, and tools for building software applications. It enables more accessible communication between autonomous systems or software packages by defining the rules or protocol for exchanging data.

    Enterprise-level solutions APIs are designed with security, scalability, and flexibility. They also provide developers with a stable platform to build upon without worrying about what happens behind the scenes.

    Security is one of the most important aspects of enterprise-level solutions APIs because it ensures that no unauthorized access is allowed and only authorized users can access applications or services that require authentication. This helps protect sensitive data from being accessed by unauthorized users or bots, potentially resulting in a data breach if left unchecked.
  • How can I integrate my eCommerce solution with my existing business systems like order management and ERP?

    To integrate your eCommerce platform with the rest of your business, you will need to set up a connection between the two. This can be done using an API (Application Programming Interface) or installing custom software on your server.

    The easiest way to integrate your existing systems is through an API, essentially a set of rules governing how data is exchanged between two applications. This means that you don’t need any custom software installed on your server, and it allows for flexibility in choosing which application you want to use and how often the data should be updated.

    For this process to be successful, both applications must be compatible, which means they must be built using similar technologies such as JavaScript or PHP. Once this is established, you can start creating a connection between them by entering specific commands into each application’s code base.
  • Who Needs an Enterprise eCommerce Solution?

    Typically, enterprise eCommerce solutions are used by large corporations with complex business operations and multiple locations. They can also be used by small businesses that have outgrown their existing solutions or want to expand their capabilities.

    An enterprise eCommerce solution is designed for companies with multiple locations or high sales volumes. These platforms typically offer multi-channel selling and inventory management capabilities, plus many other features which can help you avoid losing profits due to out-of-stock items or shipping errors.
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