Composable Commerce Solutions

Composable journeys that Begin with the End in Mind

Craft your composable commerce transformation with an objective-driven orchestration and a phased approach to maximize ROI.

Composable Commerce Consulting

Seamless Composable Commerce Experiences

Don’t build inside the box. Think outside the box and compose a unique, tailored solution with our composable commerce development expertise. As a leading composable commerce company, we harness the power of cloud-native architecture and API-first approach to design, build, and optimize frictionless omnichannel experiences that drive sales and exceed customer expectations.

We start by understanding your unique goals and challenges and then define your business objectives and KPIs, crafting a composable commerce roadmap for sustainable growth. Our "Proof of Concept to Production" methodology ensures you go to market faster and prove the value of your customized solution. Leverage our suite of commerce solutions and Microservices-based, API-first, Cloud-native, and Headless (MACH) technology to seamlessly integrate best-in-breed solutions across online, in-store, and order management, ultimately maximizing value by delivering exceptional customer experiences across every touchpoint.

A full suite of composable commerce services

Experience Design & Strategy

Blend creativity and strategy to make your customer journey unforgettable across all touchpoints. At Icreon, we elevate your brand through, utilizing behavioral analytics and user data to respond seamlessly to shifts in customer behavior.

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Composable Architecture Strategy & Road Mapping

By partnering with top-tier software companies from combination of commerce with content, search, DAM, Personalization and more, we accelerate time-to-market with our proof of concept to production methodology, guiding platform selection for optimal results. We ensure your composable architecture journey is seamless and successful.

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Progressive Composable Commerce Migration

Effortlessly shift from monolith to composable commerce architecture with our progressive composable commerce migration services. Our content migration experts guide you through a phased approach, maximizing ROI and delivering customer value at every step of your digital transformation of critical business processes.

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Order Management

Icreon's omnichannel order management solution unifies your entire retail ecosystem, offering seamless customer experiences across all channels, from web to in-store. We handle everything from initial implementation to ongoing optimization of order processing, inventory management, and fulfillment automation, streamlining operations, avoiding stockouts, and delivering faster fulfillment- all to drive sales and loyalty.

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Refine, personalize, optimize, and analyze visitor’s search journey with our AI-led search solutions to show your customers what matters to them most. As your trusted partner, we decipher real-time visitor intent through context-aware rules, embed rich APIs and components to create seamless navigation and promotion to your site. Our certified developers and CX experts use platforms like Algolia, Bloomreach, Klevu and more to craft frictionless content search and management experience, ensuring engaging experiences that connect each visitor with the right content effortlessly.


We are your strategic partner to guide you through the entire content lifecycle from strategy to delivery. Our commerce consultants leverage world-class cloud-based CMS tools like Ampliance, Contentful, Contentstack and more to revolutionize digital experiences. From crafting compelling product descriptions to analyzing user engagement, we ensure your content deeply resonates with your audience, driving conversions and brand loyalty.

Personalized Experience

Icreon designs loyalty programs that go beyond transactions and unlock emotional connections. We leverage advanced CDP technology to gain deep customer insights, driving hyper-personalized experiences across every touchpoint. From A/B testing to AI-driven wonders, our services ensure every interaction is unique and satisfying to improve conversions.

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Ongoing Business Optimization

Discover and activate new commerce features at ease. Our team guides you through integrating new commerce features, ensuring enhanced capabilities. Also, we make sure you get benefits from proactive monitoring and continuous experience optimization. After your approval, we seamlessly develop and integrate these features while providing comprehensive documentation to ensure operational efficiency.

Custom Accelerators

Get to Market Faster with Our Commerce Accelerator Programs

Try before you buy with a true proof of concept in our fully integrated sandboxes pre-loaded with our family of modular, composable technology partners including commercetools, Algolia, Cloudinary, Bloomreach, Contentstack and many more. Experience for yourself how your business model works with the leading technology platforms.


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Deep Technology Expertise


Mille Lacs Corporate Ventures (MLCV)
A Winning Hand on Digital Experiences with Composability

MLCV, a leading casino giant, reached out to Icreon seeking growth with a customer experience transformation. The Icreon team helped MLCV with a comprehensive redesign of their website, the integration of advanced personalization across their marketing channels, and the creation of a streamlined player management portal. Uncover how Icreon team introduced composable commerce in MLCV outdated digital infrastructure to overcome growth hurdles.
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Uncover the most logical path to composable commerce