Global Insurance Innovator Advances Lead Gen and Claims Processing

Learn how AXA XL underwent a digital transformation to streamline claims processing and global content management, ultimately delivering an enhanced customer experience built on foundation of scalable personalization.


AXA XL's Transformation Journey to a Seamless Claims Experience

AXA XL, a subsidiary of AXA, is a prominent player in the insurance industry, offering a vast array of specialty risk insurance products, including both standard insurance and re-insurance solutions. With operations spanning over 200 countries and territories, AXA XL’s existing content management system was falling short of expectations, and there was a significant need to improve the software for lead generation and customer engagement, particularly for existing customers who wished to submit claims.


Learn how Icreon embarked on an extensive journey to help AXA XL understand the intricate needs of their customers and enhance AXA XL's operations.

The Challenge

Transforming Complex Lead Management to Targeted Customer Engagement

The complexity, diversity, and sheer number of product offerings presented a significant challenge for the AXA XL team. The primary issue centered around the direction and funneling of leads that came in through their landing pages. The inquiries, often diverse and nuanced, had to be routed correctly either for insurance or re-insurance, to the appropriate queue. This task was made even more complicated by differences between nations, regions, and states.


The inadequacy of the existing system led to a lack of personalized advertising and notable inefficiencies in advertising strategies. The inability to accurately categorize and direct inquiries undermined the ability to target potential clients effectively, leading to missed opportunities and potential revenue loss. The need for a more refined and responsive lead funneling process became evident, highlighting the importance of precision and understanding in the management of complex product offerings and buyers' journeys.

The Solution

Understanding Intricate Customer Needs, Streamlined Advertising, Personalization, and Lead Funneling

AXA XL’s relationship with Icreon began at the problem identification stage, where Icreon assessed the issues that were hindering AXA XL from growth Icreon help define the ideal customer experience and user experience then identified the current limitations of AXA XL’s processes and digital infrastucture that enhibitbed the ideal user experience.


Icreon's partnership with AXA XL was both strategic and technical. With a strong focus on the end-user experience along with a comprehensive understanding of the customer journey, Icreon improved the claims submission process, leading to a significant increase in customer satisfaction among AXA XL clients. This nuanced approach to the customer experience integrated smoothly into day-to-day operations, reducing employee confusion and eliminating repetitive tasks.


Icreon developed a comprehensive user manual and conducted a series of comprehensive training sessions for AXA XL's team, enabling them to operate and master the newly implemented systems. This hands-on approach ensured a smooth transition and allowed the team to maximize the investment of the new tools at their disposal.


The partnership between Icreon and AXA XL also addressed specific areas such as optimizing lead funneling. Special emphasis was placed on directing insurance and reinsurance inquiries to the appropriate queue as a critical aspect of AXA XL's business strategies. As a result, AXA XL was able to implement targeted advertising and scalable personalization, which enabled the company to serve its customers in a more tailored and efficient manner.


Icreon's multifaceted solution emerged as a pivotal milestone in AXA XL's growth, underscoring the profound influence of technology in elevating CX and revolutionizing business processes.

Our Approach
The Results 

Improved Targeted Advertising and Streamlined Flow of Lead Generation

First, Icreon's collaboration with AXA XL resulted in significant process improvements that reduced operating costs. Lead segregation was enhanced, directing inquiries to the right queues for greater efficiency, which improved the customer experience and increased revenue. Additionally, AXA XL was able to maximize their Sitecore DXP investment, enhance the effectiveness of their existing tools, and deliver personalized customer experiences. This comprehensive approach enhanced the entire customer journey from lead acquisition to post-sales service.

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