Driving Digital Demand for one of the World's Largest Manufacturers

Shifting the security industry's leading brand portfolio from product positioning to solution selling.


Redefining a digital experience on global scale

The world’s leading security solutions company commands a vast portfolio of multi-billion-dollar brands. They power smart buildings and transform environments to improve and enhance safety for people to live, work, learn, and play. Their brand portfolio includes over a dozen of the world's largest security brands and offers solutions that range from video analytics, intrusion detection, access control, and video surveillance.


Due to a change in way consumers purchased security products, they need to shift their digital experience from a catalog-styled website that targeting distributers and resellers into a modern solution-selling experience that targeted end-users. Learn how Icreon helped them develop a digital go-to-market strategy with enhanced user experience to accelerate growth.

The Challenge

To Streamline Marketing and Selling Process to Reach Out End-Users Directly and Effectively.

Dedicated to making the world a safer and smarter place through a wide array of access control, intrusion, and video surveillance solutions, the organization has 14 largest security solution brands worldwide under one division alone. One of the major challenges that it faced was a shift in selling strategy across these 14 global brands.


To stay relevant in the marketplace, the company needed to transition from selling products to selling solutions. All their websites, partner portals, and digital assets were designed to sell products, much like a catalog. Their websites were typically meant for channel partners and resellers, not for the end-users, with effective navigation and content distribution. As a result, people were having trouble understanding how the company’s assorted security products worked together to create holistic solutions. The lack of clarity on its websites and difficult navigation, paired with competitors building websites that market directly to consumers, leads to moderate sales growth.


To support this solution-centric change in sales and go-to-market strategy, the company needed a massive digital infrastructure makeover. The marketing team knew that rebuilding and reimagining their digital user experience could help get more customers and improve the sales and conversion ratio.

The Solution

Redefine Sales and Go-to-Market Strategies with Digital User Experience.

The client did an extremely thorough audit of the world’s leading digital agencies. They put them all through a rigorous selection process that involved reviews from multiple committees and several dozen key stakeholders. After several weeks of a competitive audit process, the organization decided to choose Icreon to help them reimagine and build a new digital experience to educate the market about their solution and convert website visitors into new clients.


“After a couple of months of committee reviews and presentations from digital agencies, we reached a decision to choose Icreon to transform from product selling to solution selling organization. Icreon used data with their deep understanding of our digital platforms to show us how to modernize our processes. They are now a preferred vendor at Smart Building Technology Company, which is not easy to become.”

- Marketing Demand Generation Director, Security Products Leader


In the first engagement, Icreon completed a competitor analysis to understand what other players are doing in the market to keep their stake better than our client. The comparison metrics included key messaging, key value propositions, SEO rankings, user flow & navigation to find specific products or solutions on the website. The team at Icreon created customer journey maps, showing how users interact with the competitor's digital assets, and developed key messaging with detailed research so that our client can bring value to their customers.


The organization needed to provide better UX than their competitors. For this, Icreon assisted it with some groundbreaking findings through extensive CX audit of the competitors. The team went on to analyze business use cases of Smart Building Technology Company’s security products under each industry vertical by taking stakeholder interviews. Icreon worked out digital platform strategy and conducted a technical audit of DXPs. They chose Sitecore to rebuild the website and tackle the current product centric pain point with solution centric messaging, enhanced website user experiences, content optimization, and streamlined navigation. The digital consultants at Icreon used data-driven research that included taxonomy, top-level page analysis, product details and content breakdown to achieve better indexing that further drove more B2B engagements.


Based on personalized recommendations, our client decided to unify many of their brands into a consolidated seamless UX with just a single website. Being a Sitecore Platinum Certified partner, Icreon helped the organization to shift to the latest Sitecore SXA and move the content from 14 websites to one. Secondly, with SXA, the team built the new website architecture focused on the right content distribution and alignment of the products with the respective target persona or visitor type.


The new dynamic website was equipped with competitive SEO scoring capabilities including good code health, faster site loading speed, better content, and keyword enhancements. The team implemented solution taxonomy to enable easy navigation for users to find the right solution in just one to three clicks.


Icreon created new solutions selling content to support the shift in GTM strategy. The digital agency also built a virtual showroom using 3D CGI renderings to enable its customers to experience a wide range of security solutions digitally.


“They were instrumental in helping us transform from product selling organization to a solution selling organization. We have seen increases in the number of leads and our sales peaking to new levels. Icreon is an amazing team! We had a great experience working with them and we will use them again for CX and digital transformation projects in the future.”

Benjamin P.
Marketing Director , Security Products Leader
Our Approach
The Result

A Powerful and Data-driven Business Model to Revamp Selling Strategies

The client has digitized its business model to move from a product selling to solution selling organization. Through a data-driven website optimization that included taxonomy, top-level page analysis, product details and content breakdown, the company has achieved increased traffic from SEO. By implementing the right product taxonomy, the organization reduced the time that a user takes to find the right solution and increased revenue.  


With the right content distribution and alignment of the products with the respective target persona or visitor type, our client has improved customer experiences to a significant level. The refreshed user navigation, visual design and enhanced content distribution of the new website has resulted in increased onsite traffic, webform fill-ups, and sales leads. 


The key messaging around new solution selling developed for our client has been used across sales decks, landing pages, ads, presentations, and webinars to fast-track demand-gen engine.  The virtual showroom built on 3D CGI concept has helped client’s customers to explore their security products in detail. 

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