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Winning the Customer Experience Game At Casinos

As a leading digital transformation agency, we provide innovative digital services to help casinos streamline operations and deliver seamless, omnichannel guest experiences across all digital touch points.

Conquer the Odds

Unifying the physical and online worlds of a casino through digital transformation

Trial and error - it’s a high stakes game. When casinos fail to invest in the right expertise, insight, and digital solutions, they run the risk of losing more than they could gain. Also, with the market shift impacted by the extended periods of quarantine, customers now expect personalized digital experiences to be integrated into their on-site experiences. When casinos partner up with Icreon they’re making a strong bet they will have a high return on investment.


At Icreon, we understand the unique challenges and opportunities casinos face in the digital landscape. From booking a stay and selecting dinner reservations, to getting tickets to events and learning how to gamble, we help you create memorable digital guest experiences. This is all powered by a 360-degree profile of your guest, which stems from their gaming, dining, and entertainment preferences, so you can trigger targeted content and offers to build a loyal and engaged community that keeps them coming back for more.

Casino Gaming Expertise

Unlocking the Future of Casino Gaming

We craft a winning formula for the casino gaming industry by implementing the best practices to maximize growth and revenue.

Player Management Application

Make every guest experience a winning one, while growing your revenue and player engagement. At Icreon, we implement casino management systems, which enable businesses to streamline their operations. Casino management systems track customer and employee activity across the gaming floor, which can be maintained in a database for future reference. Additionally, casino management systems provide various insights on customer and employee behaviors, which helps companies make informed decisions on loyalty programs and rewards.

Gaming Personalization

Our gaming personalization services offer rewards programs, digital education experiences, and personalized content across multiple digital assets, such as websites, apps, and content management systems. Icreon infuses comprehensive reporting and analytics capabilities that allow casinos to track key performance indicators, measure campaign effectiveness and gain actionable insights into players’ behaviors and preferences. With this rich and useful data, we’re able to tailor rewards and promotional offers based on this key information. Our service creates a more engaging and memorable gaming experience, accessible from any device.

Digital Transformation Roadmap

Our team of digital strategists works closely with your executive leadership to define your digital vision and create a roadmap for success. We conduct in-depth assessments, market research, and competitor analysis to develop a driven strategy that aligns with your business goals. We consider the unique needs and requirements of the gaming, hospitality, and entertainment areas to create a comprehensive digital plan.

Casino Hospitality Expertise

Creating a Frictionless End-To-End Journey for Guests

Icreon excels in creating omni-channel experiences that connect with your guests and deliver a cohesive brand experience, whether it's on your website, app, or employee software systems.

Web and Mobile Check-ins

We offer cutting-edge website and mobile app development services to provide casino guests with a seamless and convenient check-in experience. Online check-in and check-out systems save staff and guests time and effort. Additionally, online bookings automate payment processing and enhance cash flow. We can also implement customized digital concierge services that meet your guests’ unique needs. Rather than relying on hotel staff, guests can make restaurant reservations, set their own wake up calls, settle any outstanding charges, and so much more.

Personalization Recommendations

We help casino and restaurant operators to create rewarding user experiences to drive player engagement and retention using advanced AI and ML technologies. We implement features such as tiered loyalty levels, VIP programs, and personalized promotions that provide exclusive benefits and privileges based on players' loyalty and engagement in their stay and accessing amenities. Additionally, we create personalized content and offers across digital assets, including emails, push notifications, and in-app messages, to deliver relevant and timely rewards to players. This can include personalized bonus offers, free spins, cashback, and other incentives that align with players' interests and preferences.

360 Degree Guest Experience

Table turnover rate is a crucial measure of success for casino restaurants. Finding the table turnover sweet spot not only saves time for customers and improves their dining experience, but also increases revenue for the restaurant. When implemented correctly, the right technology will not fully overtake ordering and paying but will complement it. Our innovative technology augments the restaurant flow and improves the speed of certain aspects of the dining experience, when necessary (such as paying for the check or ordering additional items), while enhancing meaningful guest/server interactions.
Additionally, digital menus can be curated to provide aesthetically pleasing graphics, offer the ability to filter items for dietary restrictions, and can be updated to reflect seasonal offerings or items that your kitchen wants to push. Customers also have the opportunity to see the reward points they can collect while ordering, so they may choose to order more items than usual. This not only increases the check size but also enables a more enjoyable guest experience.

Automation and Operational Efficiency Optimization

We work closely with casino & restaurants operators to develop customized solutions that empower them to optimize their operations, enhance guest experiences, and gain a competitive edge in the digital casino industry.
Through our comprehensive approach, we leverage automation to simplify complex processes and eliminate manual tasks, resulting in improved speed, accuracy, and productivity while focusing on operational efficiency integration. We conduct thorough assessments of existing processes and systems, identify bottlenecks and areas for improvement, and develop tailored solutions that align with the unique needs and goals of casino. Our expertise includes optimizing staff scheduling, improving food and beverage operations, enhancing guest engagement through personalized experiences, and implementing data-driven decision-making tools.

Entertainment and Event Management Expertise

Transforming Entertainment Experience Through Digital Transformation

We help implementing the right digital strategies to deliver best-in-class entertainment experience

Casino Event Management

We work closely with casino and restaurant operators to create dynamic and engaging websites that drive attendance, engagement, and revenue. Our websites are designed with intuitive navigation and user-friendly interfaces, making it easy for visitors to find relevant information, register for events, and make bookings. Whether it's a promotional event, a gaming conference, or a special casino event, our websites are tailored to meet the unique needs and goals of our clients, delivering a seamless and engaging online experience for their event attendees.

Entertainment Personalization

We provide personalized entertainment experiences that merge the physical and digital world, creating an omnichannel experience for guests. Our solutions empower guests to choose how and where they want to play, whether it’s from the comfort of their homes or a resort destination. We take into consideration everyone's unique preferences to create a cohesive and immersive experience. For example, through personalized portals, resort operators receive access about guest’s information, such as special dates, which enables them to curate personalized offerings like free spa treatments or VIP dinners to create unique and memorable experiences that leave a lasting impression. Customization can take on many forms for guests, from luxurious entertainment activities to a seamless, hassle-free website visit, and we look forward to helping you move the personalization needle forward in the years to come.

360 Degree Guest Experience

We offer 360-degree digital guest experiences for casino industry events, covering everything from pre-event promotion to post-event follow-up. Our digital marketing strategies generate demands through engaging landing pages, social media, and email campaigns. We utilize cutting-edge technology to create an interactive and immersive experience for guests through virtual event platforms, live streaming, and interactive webinars that allow attendees to participate in real-time, regardless of their physical location. Our digital experiences include personalized hospitality services, such as VIP lounges, chat support, and digital concierge services. Post-event, we provide feedback collection and follow-up surveys to help improve future events.

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Creating More Personalized Interactions For Students

Playbill was hoping to break into the education space. Additionally, Playbill’s goal was to help students interested in Music, Dance, and Theater find a better way to search for colleges during the application season.

From the onset, we helped Playbill build a comprehensive database that cataloged tons of quantifiable information about various colleges. We then thoroughly analyzed the dataset and started brainstorming the most effective ways to give students, parents, and college counselors a set of data visualization tools to directly compare colleges. The result is a rich, interactive web application called PlaybillEDU.

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