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There’s a major shift happening in education right now with courses and classes being held virtually or, in many cases, cancelled altogether. That leaves members in the education community turning to their organizations for support, answers and resources. The changing landscape has presented a key question for education leaders - how can we better support our members during these times of uncertainty?

Icreon partners with education-based organizations to create digital solutions that deliver relevant and meaningful experiences for students and stakeholders. Education-based organizations are inherently complex with a combination of stakeholders and members with unique needs that constantly change with the climate. We work with educational institutions to leverage technology and data to provide contextual experiences across the student and stakeholder journey.

Innovations in technology have made so much more possible in education, pushing beyond boundaries and providing flexible, ongoing learning opportunities through virtual learning. Whether you're looking for creative ways to accelerate the knowledge of students or members, or need to leverage technology to offer wider education opportunities - Icreon develops digital tools to enable cross-functional learning, remote learning, student performance tracking and capturing results. Move over chalkboard & textbook - make way for a new class of education.

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