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We help educational organizations drive digital transformation and make that shift from the textbook to personalized and adaptive learning.

Overcoming Challenges in the Education Sector

"76% of educational professionals agree that digital learning tools are more effective for personalized learning." - Gallup Study

The Gallup Study clearly reveals that digital technologies are transforming the field of education, offering new solutions to long-standing challenges, allowing students to learn at their own pace and in their preferred style. Our digital experts can help you create or implement the right technology to deliver virtual classrooms, interactive digital experiences, and other adaptive learning tools to create engaging and effective learning environments.


We help educational institutions bring increased efficiency to their education systems by automating administrative tasks such as grading, attendance tracking, and scheduling, freeing up educators to focus more on teaching and interacting with students. We integrate the culture of enhanced collaboration through different digital mediums which connect individuals from different locations and facilitate knowledge-sharing.

Digital Transformation Services

Education Industry Expertise  

Best-in-class Digital Services for your educational infrastructure

Online Learning Portals

The experts at Icreon help you design and develop user-friendly, secure and scalable e-learning portals specifically tailored to meet educational needs. Our solutions utilize the latest industry trends, resources, and information to develop online learning portals that deliver a seamless and engaging learning experience to students, featuring interactive course content, multimedia resources, and real-time progress tracking.

Product Engineering and Development

From AI to VR or intuitive experiences, our custom software solutions for the education industry focuses on delivering creative and engaging learning experiences for students and educators alike. Our product engineering approach relies on opportunity, challenges and your expectation analysis. We use cutting-edge technologies and agile methodologies to ensure timely delivery of high-quality products.

Mobile Learning Applications

Icreon focuses on a user-centric approach to build adaptive and responsive mobile applications for learning that users can utilize anytime anywhere. Our team of mobile app developers work closely with educators and administrators to identify pain points and design effective, tailored solutions that streamline administrative tasks, improve student engagement and provide personalized learning experiences.

Cloud Services

While going online, data security is the biggest concern. With our cloud services, educational institutions can securely store, manage, and share their data on a cloud-based platform. Our cloud engineers deliver secure IT infrastructure where all your educational materials, tutorials, etc., are safe and secure. Achieve the flexibility of learning and teaching with our education based cloud services.

Back-Office Services

Transforming back-office operations with modern technology is key. With an intelligent back-office, the employee experience is improved, agility is enhanced, and real-time business insights are activated. We bring proven experience in supporting back-office tasks such as maintaining student information systems (SIS) and other related administrative tasks systems for our customers across custom and packaged ERP & CRM solutions to increase efficiency in education systems. Icreon helps its clients implement, upgrade, maintain, and migrate from monolith systems to matured SIS solutions.

Personalized Learning

We help facilitate personalized learning experiences, allowing students to learn at their own pace and in their own style. Our personalized learning services are backed by behavior-based insights, intuitive interface, and AI-driven automation. We use ML based personalization tools and techniques to personalize the learning experience through tailored content recommendations, individual learning path creation, adaptive training activities, and collaboration.

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Activate Learning
Enhanced Content and Digital Experience

Activate Learning works across industries to build career pathways for thousands of students every year. The organization had multiple websites for all its ventures, each with separate processes and workflows for publishing content. The lack of centralized administration and content repository had resulted in content being duplicated, making it difficult to maintain.  Icreon helped them create a customized, integrated content management solution (CMS) for Activate Learning to help them operate more efficiently and remain competitive in a rapidly evolving landscape. This tailor-made CMS made it possible for staff and students to manage and publish web content (online news, articles, course data, academic track information, and online application assets) all within a couple of clicks. 

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